May 16, 2022

Poetry Showcase: Waking Up Snow White, By Kim Malinowski

Editor's Note: Today's Poetry Showcase, originally published in EC's "Rain Issue" from 2016, is an interpretation of Snow White where there is a mutual rescue...

I smooth the wet fabric around her collar,
trace and tuck her gown.
We are both wet from rain, and I can see that she has awoken,
tears trickling down.
I taste the brine as our lips
Nothing happens, she doesn’t pretend to wake up.
I know what dead lips look like—shriveled and pale—like so many lovers.
Too many apples to count. I’ve waited and practiced
and now her lips are soft and full.
I hold her hand, trace a line and whisper—“I know you are awake.”
She takes her hand back.
“I was never asleep, just waiting.”
“Well, I’m the Prince.  I’m supposed to rescue you.”
Rain trickles down my back.  There should be fireworks or something.
Not wet.
“Maybe I’ll love you,” she smiles.
“Maybe I’d like to be dry.”
I brush her cheek with my hand, savoring the softness.
I pick her up, and we go inside.
Kim Malinowski earned her BA at West Virginia University and her M.F.A. at American University. Her work has appeared in War, Literature, and the ArtsMythic Delirium, as well as others.

Altered image by Heinrich Lefler


Lynden Wade said...

Beautiful, Kim!

Mandy said...

An interesting take on Snow White. I love how it says he knows what dead lips look like because he practiced - kind of creepy and now I have tons of questions about this prince! I also like the lines: "There should be fireworks or something. Not wet."

Stephanie Ascough said...

I love the gentleness of this poem, the way it looks at the happily ever after of the tale and says 'maybe'. Although, as Mandy says, it leaves plenty of questions that contrast with this gentleness. What does it mean?? I like to think we get to choose.