April 12, 2022

Big Doings This Month at EC!

Hello Enchanted Friends:

We’ve got some big things going on this month here at EC, the biggest of which is the debut of Mothers of Enchantment on April 19! If you want to support Enchanted Conversation and be highly entertained, then please order a copy. You can find all buying options here at World Weaver Press. I’m so very proud of this book. And I just love the cover.

Next, we will be having an Enchanted Creators feature written by Kelly Jarvis on the 20th. You’ll love it!

Also, if you haven’t seen our wonderful current issue, “The Tempest and the Rainbow,” please check it out here.

On the Patreon side of things, we’ll be having a Zoom meeting on April 25 at 7 p.m., EST, for patrons who contribute at the $5 level and above. Those who don’t give at those levels, but are patrons, can bump up to $5 or above, and new patrons can start there. We’ll be focusing on some other writing markets in the fairy tale/fantasy genre and discussing one of my favorite new TV shows and how it reflects the making of folklore—plus I’ll sharing some of my favorite finds, and talking about which book every writer should read, read some more, then tear apart and analyze! I’ll also be giving something away, but I don’t know what as yet. We got a great turnout last month, and I have great hopes for this month. If you have any questions, please email me at katewolford1@gmail.com.

Naturally, we’ll have more Throwback Thursdays and some other goodies, so keep on reading and supporting EC! We love having you here!

Stay Enchanted,


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