April 3, 2022

Beware the Sly Mimics of Spring, By Maria DePaul


Mushrooms emerging

From saturated ground 

Mist bearing shoots 

Scatter faintly 

Among tree roots

Chirping echoes above

As other nests

Are feathered 

Crocus peaks out

Through remaining

Scattered icy traces

Chrysalis spinning 

On softly greening limbs

Cloudy dreams forming 

May soon come true 

Chartreuse froglets

Multiply high and low

Curious young things

Explore bright colors 

Lured by scents 

Returning from deep

Within the Earth

But straying far

Extracts a high price

Beware destroying angels 

Bewitching mimics 

Fool the untrained eye

Sampling newly emerged

Saprophytes which

Seem like treats 

Yield a death cap 

Toxic though tempting 

Such smell and taste 

Transports its victim 

To another realm

Never to return 

Maria DePaul is a Washington, DC-based writer whose poetry, prose and reviews have been pushed extensively in print and online, most recently in Haikuniverse, Haiku Journal, Poetry Quarterly and Three Line Poetry.
Cover: Amanda Bergloff

Twitter @AmandaBergloff

Instagram: amandabergloff 


Kelly Jarvis said...

Such a powerful look at the temptations of Spring <3

Katie Jordan said...

I love how the ending ties it all together and gives an eerie vibe.

Sarah Garcia said...

Your imagery here is so beautiful! I love how poignant each and every word is in this poem. Some of my favorites are "Chartreuse froglets" and "Toxic though tempting."

Mandy said...

I love that you begin with “Mushrooms emerging”! And just wow to this: “Beware destroying angels
Bewitching mimics”!
And the ending! I’m definitely going to look up more of your work!