March 16, 2022

An Exciting Special Guest at March Meeting

Dear Enchanted Friends:

The next meeting for Patreon Patrons at the $5 level and above is March 28, at 7 p.m., EST, and we’ll have a very special guest: Sarena Ulibarri, Editor-In-Chief at World Weaver Press, will take questions for 20 minutes or so. Questions about submitting to publishers will be the focus, and you’ll learn a lot! And those of you who aren’t writers will learn about some wonderful books you might like to read. I’m so excited about this! 🤩 📖 ❤️

Note: You can preorder Mothers of Enchantment, which is published by WWP here.

But wait … there’s more:

  1. I’ll be pulling an oracle card from The Oracle of Carl Jung deck to give us a message for the month. This little deck is amazingly helpful to me in helping me understand my life. We’ll do that at the top. 

  2. I’ll have a brand new background I’ll be Zooming in front of. You’ll get quite a visual glimpse into my head and heart and get my aesthetic sense, and what inspires my creativity. 

  3. I’m from a long line of shoppers who are great at sniffing out cool stuff at great prices. This month, I’ll tell you about a fantastic yogurt, an incredible folklore documentary and my favorite place to buy magically gorgeous papers that I simply cannot resist!

  4. As we end the session, I’ll give you all a burst of great reiki energy during a very short meditation, to set you up for a fabulous April.

  5. THERE’S A GIVEAWAY! One lucky patron will receive an e-copy of the upcoming anthology, Mothers of Enchantment! I’m so proud of it! It publishes on April 19! 

You may be wondering why I’m sending posting this on EC.

First, is to thank everyone who has ever supported EC. Every. Single. Dollar. Matters.

But, if I’m honest, I am hoping that some people might bump their pledges up to $5 or $7 or even $25 a month if the meeting seems interesting to you. Having said that, you folks at $1 and $3 are awesome, and I get that many of you won’t be able to pledge more. I, myself, am pledged at the $1 and $3 levels for other Patreon creators and can’t do more, so I really do get it! But the monthly meeting is a reward only for the upper tiers.

However, if you’d like to bump up to the $5 or $7 tier for just this month’s meeting, I won’t mind a bit! The more, the merrier! (Note: This is not the only benefit people at $5 and above receive. Regular pledging at these levels still has other benefits.)

For those of you who want to avoid the Patreon thing, then we can set up a one-time $5 donation to EC. Just email me at

The Zoom link will be sent to the patrons on the list before the meeting. 

Stay Enchanted,



Image by Amanda Bergloff.

Twitter @AmandaBergloff

Instagram: amandabergloff 

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