February 26, 2022

EC Patreon - New Tier Launches Tuesday & More!

Dear Enchanted Friends:

There’s big news coming to the Patreon program here at EC. There’s a brand new tier, and it will debut Tuesday. I’m going to tell you all about it in a moment, but first, there’s a meeting for Patreon patrons who are at the $5 and $7 tiers. It’s Monday at 7 p.m., EST. 

Our topics will be:

  1. What should be in a story or poem submission for any publication.

  2. A quick dive into the Alice Hoffman “Practical Magic” series.

  3. Discussing fairy tale retelling clichés that we’re sick to death of, and I don’t mean on EC—although …

  4. Anything else that comes up. We’ll keep it to an hour.

I’ll be sending a reminder email this weekend to patrons who qualify, and it will include the link to the Zoom meeting.

Now, onto the big news. Are you ready? Let’s go!

As of March 1, you can join Patreon at $25 a month. Yep. That is $300 per year. That’s quite a lot! However, what you get is a pretty big deal.

Each month, you will get a half hour personal session with me to do meditations, talk about writing or art, receive energy healing, have an editing session—whatever we decide. Before your monthly session, you’ll get an email asking you what you’d like to concentrate on, and that’s what we’ll do.

Five months into your time at this tier, you’ll receive the chance to become a certified reiki healer at level one. This will allow you to send powerful energy healing to yourself. I swear it works. Over time, I’ve become far more resilient, self assured and productive, through self-reiki meditations. This costs nothing extra. It’s built into the tier.

Ten months into your time at this tier, you’ll receive the chance to become a reiki two practitioner. This will allow you to become a reiki healer to people, pets and plants—anything you can think of. You can send reiki to your past, present and future, and let me tell you, sending reiki to every year of your life will change your worldview forever. As a certified reiki practitioner, you can have a side hustle! Yes, people will pay you for it, and I’ll explain how at the appropriate time. This costs nothing extra. It’s built into the tier.

You may be thinking, “Gee Kate, I don’t care at all about energy healing and wish you’d offer something I could possibly care about.” Okay, for you reiki doubters, there’s an alternative to the reiki certifications.

I think you’re gonna love it, because I’ve saved the best for now.

After five months at the $25 tier membership, you’ll have the option of two hours with me and my undivided attention on your writing or art or any other creative endeavor. Even if it’s helping you plan your ultimate vacation getaway—I’ll help you get it done. This costs nothing extra. It’s built into the tier.

And …

If you wish, we’ll work on a poem or story for publication in Enchanted Conversation. This will be a work that is in a regular issue of EC. It will not be specially designated as a patron’s contribution. It’s a real writing credit. This costs nothing extra. It’s built into the tier.

You may be thinking, “But Kate, isn’t that pay to play?” 

No. It isn’t. Here’s why: “Pay to play,” suggests inferior work. If we work on a story or poem together, we’ll come up with first rate work. I taught writing to thousands of students. I can teach you what it takes to get your first writing credit or buff up a special piece of work for a stretch submission to a publication where you’ve been dying to see your byline. (I can’t pay you for these published works as doing so would really cut into my earnings, which I need for EC’s operating costs. That doesn’t change the status of the published work.)

I hope that sounds like a good value, because it is. I have the gift of encouragement. I can psych you up about yourself, your writing, life, you name it. People have referred to me as a fairy godmother for a long time. I’m just going official

with this tier.

If this sounds like fun, please sign up when it goes live. I’m so excited about this tier and getting to know people better! The tier will go live March 1.

It’s the “Enchanted Scholars” tier—a promising name for what I hope will be a life bettering experience for those who want to grab the challenge. You’ll be my mentees!

I hope to have lots of Enchanted Scholars!!

Stay enchanted,


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Lynden Wade said...

Kate, I'd love to know what overworked fairytale cliches you come up with at the next meeting. Perhaps someone would write it up as an article?