February 15, 2022

A Song of Storms: February 2022 Issue Table of Contents


The wind and the waves

echoed her heart-

constant and pure.

The storm was her soul-

wild and untamed...

~ A. Bergloff


There is a music to storms. They are compositions that sweep over us and surprise us with their uncontrolled beauty. The wild unpredictability of storms teach us to respect the fury of nature while understanding that we are not always in control of our fates, yet we can face the storm and defy it.

In this issue, we have collected four stories and four poems that explore some element of weather, from rain to wind to snow and beyond.

So, please enjoy this first in our series of "weather-works" for 2022, and as always, dear readers...

Stay enchanted!
- Kate, Amanda, Molly, and Kelly

Heavy rain is dragon rain...
Lorraine Schein
"Remember, your wits
are your true magic.."
James Dodds
Wings of spun sugar,
wrapped up in paper:
a gift from the god..
Jordan Hirsch
Once a girl was born
with a heart made of diamond -
her skin was frosted glass..
A Heart of Diamond
Rachel Nussbaum

Impressive clouds race toward me
sweeping up my senses...
"If you wish to heal your maiden's
heart, you must prove yourself
its match in devotion..."
The Bird From Faraway
Megan Baffoe
You flew beyond the borders of the
World, guided only by the
compass of your Heart...
Stephanie Parent
The old tale told that the first
8 drops of water of the New Year,
captured in a vial, could save them ..
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to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.
Enchanted Conversation
Editor-in-chief Kate Wolford 
Contributing Editor & Artist ~ Amanda Bergloff
Assistant Editor Molly Ellson
Special Projects Writer ~ Kelly Jarvis

Cover Image: John William Waterhouse
Cover Design: Amanda Bergloff 

Twitter @AmandaBergloff

Instagram: amandabergloff 

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