December 21, 2021

The Holly Leaf, By Marcia Sherman

The wreath on the table was square. At this late date there were no round wreaths to be found. It was rather dusty and sad. But. Somehow it was calling to everyone at the solstice celebration. When purchased for the event it was found pushed aside in a corner, marked down twice. It was all Holly could afford. The little old woman behind the counter assured Holly it was “just the thing” for a party. That was really strange, how did she know it was for a party?

Back at the party, Holly set the square wreath and some candles and a few other baubles in the middle of the main dining table.

It was then the magick happened. The wreath somehow revived – leaves lush and dark green, berries full and crimson. Every time someone commented on the square holly wreath, the leaves and berries became more colorful and lush.

By the time everyone was ready to go home, the wreath had grown and leaves were falling over the side of the table. Everyone took a cutting, and the solstice event lived on for years.