December 21, 2021

Faery Feast, By Deborah Sage


The faery-folk come to sing and sup

Of mulled cider in an acorn cup.


Round laden table of birch and pine

They come at dusk to dance and dine


On wood-ear stem and chanterelle cap.

Toffee pudding and maple sap,


Roasted squash and toasted seed.

Golden pumpkin and honeyed mead.


Walnut cake and ginger bread,

Mincemeat scone with hawthorn spread.


Savories of rosemary and silver sage;

Succulent sweets from an ancient page.


Vanilla, clove and cinnamon bark

Tempt to taste as descends the dark.


From mossy branches in pale moonlight,

Spruce and cedar scent the night.


For the faery feast on midwinter’s eve,

In a woodland realm by Titania’s leave.


Jack Santino said...

Very nice.

Lissa Sloan said...

Sounds delicious!