November 15, 2021

Theme for 2022

Dear Enchanted Friends:

It’s time to announce the theme for 2022, but first, an important announcement: We will not be opening up for stories and poems in December. That means there will not be stories or poems with the current theme in January. Instead, we’ll run a few pieces from the team. It also means that we will not accept new stories or poems for publication in December of this year.

Starting in February of 2022, we will be switching to five issues for the year, with eight to 10 stories or poems running in each issue. In other words, we are cutting back on the number of times we publish, but not on the number of works we run. Pay and length and all other requirements will stay the same. This will allow us time to create real issues with wonderful artwork. We’re excited! Here are the guidelines.

Now, for the 2022 theme: IT’S WEATHER

That means rain, blizzards, hail, lightning, hurricanes, thunder, heat, clouds. That’s it. Weather. How you use weather is up to you. It does not need to be a major part of a story or poem, but it does need to be discernibly part of the work. 

I hope you are excited! I think it will make for thrilling stories and poems in 2022. And of course, you still need to be writing fairy tale, myth or folklore related works. That’s 100 percent required.

A note about Patreon before I sign off.  The patrons through Patreon and other donations learned this information months ago. Going forward, patrons at the $7 level will get distinct, useful information on how to get published with this theme. Patrons at lower levels will get occasional helpful tips, and early warning on special events and writing contests. If this appeals to you, please consider becoming a patron. We’re also working on making the rewards better at the $5 and $7 levels so stay tuned for that!

Stay Enchanted,

Kate Wolford 


Stephanie Ascough said...

I'm excited to learn about this theme, and see what authors do with it.

Ari said...

Weather? And me a Brit. You’ll have to tell me to STFU…

Ari said...

You’ll have to tell us Brits to STFU

Sharmon Gazaway said...

Love the 2022 theme!