November 8, 2021

Sleep School for Patreon Patrons

Hi Enchanted Friends:

On Dec. 7 and 14, at 7 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, I’ll be hosting “Sleep School” on Zoom. The event is for patrons at the $5 and $7 per month tiers, and it will help fulfill the rewards for both tiers, as we will be meditating as well as learning all kinds of tricks. Before we’re done, I will have covered tips about sheets, quilts, co-sleeping, light, food, etc., all in the service of helping you sleep. Many of the tips will help with anxiety as well, because insomnia and anxiety march together. Guests will be able to ask questions through the chat on Zoom.

If you feel a little shy about attending something about anxiety and insomnia, don’t be! Just about everyone is struggling to cope with the endless pandemic. 

I’ve been struggling with insomnia for 30+ years, and I know that insomnia gives people anxiety. It’s all wrapped together. I’m not at all embarrassed to admit this. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot and experienced a lot of troubles with insomnia and its unsettling friend anxiety. I’m also certified in teaching meditation for sleep and anxiety issues. I’m not a medical expert of any kind, but I do have a lot of information about these conditions. (I will always defer to primary care providers. Their advice takes precedence over mine, obviously.)

Also, in order to help attendees see that they have a lot of company, each member from the $5 and $7 tier can bring one guest (someone who struggles these issues, perhaps) as a guest. There is no charge for patrons at these tiers or their guests. 

If only patrons at these tiers are eligible, why am I posting about it here? Well, I hope it will encourage people at the lower tiers to bump up to higher ones, and I’m hoping that new patrons will come in at $5 or $7 per month. To learn more about Patreon, here’s a link.

I’m holding the sleep school this far into December because I’m aware that the holidays cause havoc with sleep and anxiety. I’d also like to help people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which often kicks in during the holidays.

I hope we all sleep like we’ve been enchanted after the meetings. If you have any questions, email me at

Stay Enchanted,

Kate Wolford 

P.S.: We’ll have something brand new for you to read tomorrow.


Image is “Sleeping Beauty” by H.J. Ford.

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