October 4, 2021

Witch's Night Out: Witchy Halloween Decor & More, By Amanda Bergloff


Happy October!

This is a favorite time of year for us at EC, and in keeping with our "witch theme" this month, we've gathered some ideas to inspire you to create your own enchantingly witchy decor...
So let the Halloween magic begin
starting with
Front Porch Decor
Adding witch's hats, brooms or black cats is a simple way to add witchy flair to outdoor decor.
Source: houzz
Source: indulgy.com
Source: That One Mom
Source: Pinterest
Source: Hike N Dip
Spellbinding Party Decor

Witches Night Out
Treats & Cocktails
Chocolate Witch Hat Cupcakes
Recipe: Fun Squared
Witch's Finger Bread Sticks
with Maple Mustard Dip
Recipe: Meal Planner Pro
The Perfect Halloween
Meat & Cheese Board
Recipe: Sugar & Charm
Witches Brew Jello
Recipe: Lady Behind the Curtain
Witches Brew
Recipe: Sugar & Charm
And once you've made that Witches Brew,
get cozy and watch the
wonderfully witchy flick,
Click below for the full film!
Happy Halloween,

Enchanted Conversation's contributing editor, Amanda Bergloff, writes modern fairy tales, folktales, and speculative fiction. Her work has appeared in various anthologies, including Frozen Fairy Tales, After the Happily Ever After, and Uncommon Pet Tales.
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Kelly Jarvis said...

I love this! Happy October!

Katew said...

I love it too! Happy October!

Sharmon Gazaway said...

Love these decor ideas—thanks Amanda!πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ☠️🐈‍⬛πŸ•·πŸ•ΈπŸ¦‡

Katew said...

Amanda’s roundups are the best!