October 11, 2021

Special Guest at Halloween Social

Nichole Beamer will be the special guest at our Oct. 21 Zoom Halloween Social. She’ll be calling on Brigid, the Triple Goddess of writers and poets. What a great fit! We are so excited. 

Here’s more about Nichole:

Nichole is an Author, Reiki Master, Yogi, Story Lover, and Energy Alchemy Life and Business Coach for the Magickal Path School of Witchcraft, Conscious Spirituality, and Personal Transformation. In her career, Nichole helps healers, witches, and spiritual entrepreneurs make radical leaps to create an intuitive life and business beyond their wildest dreams. She adores her work and sees it as her Divine Calling. She is currently being certified in NLP and Hypnosis so that she can take her coaching to the next level!

Nichole has also written two YA coming of age novels—both currently in the editing stages. Some of her other written work includes guided meditations, second-person audio journeys, sacred poetry, and journaling immersions for personal healing and expansion. Nichole loves creating unique realities for the witch, the healer, and the spiritual artist!

In her off time, Nichole enjoys hanging out with her family (Ginger Tabby Cat, included), diving into classic literature and Romantic-Era poetry, journaling, meditating, doing yoga, painting, and wandering the world.

Nichole’s motto is “I believe we are all authors. Each and every one of us. We write and immerse ourselves in stories each day. We live out every genre—fantasy, romance, action, adventure, and most importantly, the individual quest. It is a true privilege to experience such a wondrous existence!”


Image of Nichole provided by Nichole Beamer.

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