October 15, 2021

Prizes for Halloween Social—Including An Editing Session

The overall details for the Halloween Social, at 7 p.m., EST, Oct. 21, are here.

Drawings for the following prizes: A mug, a poster and a T-shirt, each with the gorgeous image you see with this post. (Without the “prizes, prizes, prizes.”)

A prize for the best decorated witch hat. There’s a huge latitude on what constitutes a witch hat. It could be a baseball hat, a veil, a tiara, face paint and dramatic hair—it’s really just a contest for the coolest look. What’s the prize? A one-hour editing session via Zoom with Kate on any work you choose. She’ll give you tips to make your work more publishable.

The final prize is a distance reiki session with Kate.

(Note from Kate: I’m aware that reiki seems “out there” and goofy to a lot of people, but I swear it makes me feel more relaxed and mellowed out. It has improved my life! You don’t have to believe to benefit. Here’s some info. And here. And let’s not forget the NIH. Reiki supports standard medical care. It absolutely cannot replace it. Lecture over.)

You can’t win any of the prizes if you don’t attend. If you’d like to attend, but haven’t supported EC financially as yet, email Kate at katewolford1@gmail.com.

We can’t wait to see people!


Image by Amanda Bergloff.

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