October 30, 2021

October Witch Issue 2021 - Table of Contents


Welcome to EC's

October Witch Issue!

Wild and perfect,

they belonged to the night

with their hair flowing around them

and their song of moonlight and magic

that turned the midnight hour

into something new and strange.

~ A. Bergloff

They are shadow and light. Dust and fire. Earth mothers and formidable foes. Reflections of the past and mysterious visions of the future. 


They are the ones who live at the edge of our vision and beckon us to follow them into their arcane world of earth and bone.

They are witches, and EC is featuring them with some enchanting tales for the month of October. So please enjoy our Halloween contest winning story, the honorable mention tale and a poem, along with some other witchy treats from EC's archives below, and as always, dear readers...

Stay enchanted!
- Kate, Amanda, Molly, and Kelly

First Place
Honorable Mention
from EC's Archives
EC Readers Choose
30 Fabulous Witches
The lady laughed, and her hair spread
about the room like a spider's web...
There’s a price, my dear,
There’s always a price…
Sharing one of our magical favorites to accompany this issue
to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.
Enchanted Conversation
Editor-in-chief Kate Wolford 
Contributing Editor & Artist ~ Amanda Bergloff
Assistant Editor Molly Ellson
Special Projects Writer ~ Kelly Jarvis

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