August 13, 2021

Fairy Tale Meditation

Dear Enchanted Friends,

Last night, we held a live fairy tale meditation featuring a very famous fairy tale character as the best host for sleepyheads. I loved doing it, and I’m getting some nice feedback on it, which is a thrill, as I was nervous! I’ve sent a link to patrons who couldn’t be there.

I appreciate the generosity of the supporters who made this possible. The meditation is for patrons at the $5 and $7 tiers on Patreon, plus others who donated an equivalent amount to EC or those who paid $6 for the session as a fundraiser. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The next meditation will feature a wake-up theme, perfect for starting or recharging your day. I’ll publish details when the time comes.

To learn more about supporting EC, follow this link. We appreciate every donor at every level of support! You lift us up!

Stay Enchanted,

Kate Wolford 


Image by Tiko Giorgadze.

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