July 17, 2021

You Really Should Join Carmina

Hi! It’s me, Kate, and I’m having a busy Saturday, but I received an email just now promoting a new writing workshop by the lovely, brilliant scholars at The Carterhaugh School for Folklore and the Fantastic, and I must share the news with you.

Dr. Brittany Warman and Dr. Sara Cleto, two formidable folklore scholars, are the brains behind the Carterhaugh School, and they have dreamed up a dilly of an offering for writers.

It’s called Carmina, and if it’s as great as their other offerings, and it will be, then you will grow your skills as a writer of new fairy tales and poetry about fairy tales if you sign up.

Some of the best new writing we’ve had at EC recently has been from Carterhaugh School students. In fact our very own Kelly Jarvis, special projects writer, is someone I met through a Carterhaugh course! Their courses and workshops work, and they are so much fun.

There’s currently an early bird special for the July 31 event, so hurry, scurry, flurry over here to enroll. There will be plenty of details there.

Gotta dash!

Stay Enchanted!

Kate Wolford 


Sara Cleto said...

Oh my goodness, Kate, this is so kind!! Thank you!

Katew said...

I’m glad to do it. I really think it’s good for writers and fairy tale fans to take your courses!

Kelly Jarvis said...

I am signed up for Carmina and I can’t wait! ❤️