June 7, 2021

Solstice Odds and Ends, By Kate Wolford

Hi Friends of EC:

We’re hard at work on EC itself and especially on the Summer Solstice Social scheduled for June 17 at 7 p.m., EST. It will be filled with readings of poems and stories, a bit of art and a swag giveaway. Beautiful EC swag. The giveaway will feature items from our Zazzle store, which will officially debut soon. (You can only win swag if you actually attend the Zoom event.)

You can take part if you have done them following: are a Patreon patron (at any level), have rebated any amount of money to EC as an author here, or have donated money to the site through PayPal. The PayPal address for the site is ecsub2016@gmail.com. I suggest a payment of $5 or above if you are using the PayPal method.

You can participate by reading part of your work (or asking one of us to), by speaking up and letting us know how much you love a story or poem or make some comments on the chat that will be available. If you want to be completely quiet, you can mute your voice and not turn on video at your end. You will still be part of the event. Also, you need not be there for the whole event. However much time you can give will be great.

I do need to know officially that you are attending, because I must send you a link for Zoom.

If you’re a writer or poet, and you attend the Summer Solstice Social, you will learn some information that I’m keeping a secret for at least a month more.

We already have a good crowd attending, but the more, the merrier. If this turns out well, we’ll do more Zoom gatherings for patrons.

Stay enchanted,



Art courtesy of Amanda Bergloff. Its base image is by Arthur Rackham.

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