April 14, 2021

Virtual Poetry Event April 28!

Editor’s note: Calling all poets who want to share their talents! I’m going to “be” at this virtual event as an audience member. I hope many of you will read your fabulous poems at this event! Kim Malinowski is a member of the EC family, and I love what she’s doing here. (Kate Wolford)

Join Prince Georges County Public Memorial Library Systems Open Mic on April 28, 2021 at 7 8PEST with guest host Kim Malinowski.

The theme for the evening is speculative poetry. All poetry is welcome, but the weird and wacky is highly encouraged.

Fairy tale and fantasy poetry are sought after as well as science fiction and time travelThere is a desperate urge for poetry that falls between the cracks and dares to reveal them.

Be brave and try out that prose poem that is on the fringe or a hybrid or flash fiction that crosses boundaries and flirts with verse. You are welcome to observe and take in mind bending poetry or choose to read in a friendly space. 

Kim will always be positive and never criticize a poem or poet. Everyone is welcome to comment ithe chat about their favorite lines as poets read their work. Kim will read a few of her poems, but the focus will be on the Open Mic participants.

Get ready to leap into new worlds and write like the stars will shatter tomorrowand then read stardust to us at the Open Mic!

Here’s the link again:

Open Mic with Kim Malinowski - Prince George's County Memorial Library System (pgcmls.info)

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