April 17, 2021

Fairy Godmother Anthology Authors

There are still a lot of details to figure out about the fairy godmother anthology I’m editing, but we have chosen the authors. I hope you’ll join me in congratulating them. I think the book will be great. Here they are:

Sonnie de Soto

Abi Marie Palmer

Marshall Moore

Michelle Tang

Lynden Wade

Elise Forier Edie

Carter Lapin

Kim Malinowski 

Claire Thomas

Kelly Jarvis

Vivica Reeves

Maxine Churchman 


Cinderella image by A.H. Watson


There are many awesome books by World Weaver Press. Find out more here.


Mo said...

This is so very exciting!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Wolford,
I was just wondering if you sent out rejections? I sent my story in September last year and didn't receive an acknowledgement email, I then queried in March on the Gmail address but never received a response. Thanks and regards, Angela

Katew said...

Angela, I received over 150 submissions. I tried very hard to acknowledge every one of them. I also sent rejection emails. My email is katewolford1@gmail.com. I have looked through my email and do not see a submission from an Angela. Please try emailing me at the email I just gave you. I’ll be looking for it. It would help if you include your title when you do so. I will be awaiting your email.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your response. I have just emailed you at the email address provided.
Kindest regards and best wishes, Angela

Ellie A Goss said...

Congrats to all those selected, I admit I am also a teensy bit jealous, I am very much looking forward to adding this anthology to my collection of World Weaver books, Im sure it will be amazing.

Ellie a.Goss said...

Any news?