April 11, 2021

Please Give, by Kate Wolford

It’s Sunday afternoon as I write this, and I’ve spent days trying to cut submissions that absolutely deserve to be published. It’s a terrible situation. I’m literally cutting stories and poems that would be suitable for a “best of” edition of EC—which will eventually happen. And by best of, I mean best of all time, not just this year.

And why am I in this dreary situation? Money. Plain and simple. 

I recognize that appeals for money are considered unseemly, something that shouldn’t be discussed by decent people, but the money is essential to EC’s success. (If my parents were still alive and reading this post, they would be horrified by my bad manners. Asking strangers for money! They’d also have sent me a check. But I wouldn’t have cashed it. That’s a lie. The way I feel today, I would have cashed it.)

It’s absolutely true that I could pay way less per work—say, $25 instead of $50. But here’s the catch with that approach: Talented people work harder for more money. The quality of submissions we’ve received this year is tremendous. Money talks. Yes, some of them are now choosing to voluntarily take less for their work, say, $25 rather than $50, but that is not their obligation! (EC has contracts now with that option.) And the vast majority of the people who are published are getting full price, which I 100 percent think is a good thing to do. Anyway, they don’t submit expecting less than $50! That’s the point. And they deserve the full $50. They deserve at least double that.

Edited to add: I’m not suggesting that poets and writers who were paid less in the past didn’t produce great work. They sure did! But it was in spite of what we paid, not because of it. I also do not look down at all on publications that pay less than EC does. I’m a patron of a lot of those sites!

Please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. If we can get 10 more patrons at the $5-$7 per month levels, I’ll start publishing six works per month rather than four. I’d love to publish eight per month! (Those of you who can give $1 or $3, thank you! The higher amount requests will fill the gaps faster, that’s all. You are very much appreciated.)

As a one-time event, for the next month, people who want to give a one-time donation can email me at katewolford1@gmail.com. I’m offering the option of sending a donation of any amount through PayPal or Venmo, just for the next 30 days. Patreon will continue to be the main way to support. And great rewards will be sent through Patreon in this month, May and June, including the official launch of our Facebook group, for Patreon supporters only.

Please give!

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