April 23, 2021

A Review of Kim Malinowski’s ‘Home,’ by Molly Ellson

You may remember a certain tantalizing poem, published in Enchanted Conversation all the way back in 2016…. Mysterious, teasing and refreshingly disparate in its portrayal of the traditional fairy tale turning point, “Waking Up Snow White,” by Kim Malinowski, remains to this day a true favorite among our readers. 

Snow White’s ownership of the awakening kiss flips its traditional counterpart on its head to place her in control of a situation that has previously been taken over by the prince. Described as sweet, empowering and beautiful, “Waking Up Snow White” in no way sets an entrapped marriage in stone, but instead tempts the possibility of a budding summer romance. Perhaps even a heartbroken prince—who knows?

(If for some trifling reason you missed this beauty, I implore that you feast your eyes right away, here.)

It is with great delight, then, that we can now announce the publication of  “Waking Up Snow White” in Kim Malinowski’s very own debut collection of poetry: Home. 

Home was published by Kelsay Books, on March 6th, and tiptoes the line between our world and faraway lands, as the poet whisks us away on a lyrical journey of passion, grief and hardship. From the hopeless dreamer’s despair in “Athenæum” to the strumming sensuality of “Tempting Persephone,” you’ll discover emotions you never knew you had. Magical yet tangible, Home’s poems will ensnare you with fairy tales, folklore and mythology before slamming you with hard-hitting truths, as Kim swirls her personal experiences into a lexical elixir. 

If you loved “Waking Up Snow White,” then there is no doubt that you’ll simply adore delving into the delights of Home. You can purchase it right now, using the links below.




Kelly Jarvis said...

I have Kim's book and, as Molly explains in her lovely review, it is heartbreaking, inspiring, and beautiful. It has changed the way I view the world; a wonderful read!

Melissa Yi said...

Congrats, Kim. Huge accomplishment.