March 2, 2021

Faerie Godmother As Kitchen Witch, By Deborah Sage

Editor’s note: This sweet, tender poem manages to give a rare new twist on “Cinderella,” while also evoking the look and smell of some of my favorite herbs. Lovely.

She comes to my cottage, adorned in

Cinders and ash, silver-gray as the artemisia,

Growing in my garden.

She comes to tell me there will be a ball.

That she longs to go. For her, my only godchild,

I gather sage, lambs’ ear and lavender,

Lemon balm and mint, beginnings and endings,

In an ancient basket.

She shall have a dress the color of

Rosemary blossoms,

Drawn not from needle or wand, but from wish,

Slippers crystal-clear as rainfall, though they

Are more difficult, requiring freshly gathered dew

And a stronger spell.

For her hair, a circlet of

Pearls from the ashes so readily at hand.

Her scent, roses and anticipation.

A carriage from a pumpkin.

To break a spell of envy, gratings

Of lemons and oranges, but

No love potion. That is her work, not mine.


Bio: Deborah W. Sage is a native of Kentucky, USA. She merged her talent and interest in her first published book of poetry.


A former business executive who after years of being committed to the bottom line is gaining equilibrium in her psyche through her endeavors in folklore.


Image from Pixabay.


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Kelly Jarvis said...

Oh Deborah, this is absolutely beautiful! A dress drawn from a wish and slippers crystal-clear as rainfall <3. I love the image of the faerie godmother as a kitchen witch!

Sara Cleto said...

Ahhhh this is SO BEAUTIFUL, Deborah!! As always, your imagery is just *chef's kiss*

Deborah Sage said...

Thank you, Kelly and Sara. I appreciate your kind word so much!

Deborah Sage said...

Thank you, Kelly and Sara. I appreciate your kind words so much!

Kassidy Fisher said...

Beautiful language! Gorgeous writing as always :)

Angelika said...


Cricket Baker said...

Oh my, this is GORGEOUS! Lovely and haunting.

HulderMN said...

Wise fairy godmother, indeed, who knows which enchantments are hers, and which must come from the enchanted, herself. 🌹❤

Brigid Levi said...

Oh, wow! This is beautiful!

Steve Aelfcyning said...

Love it! Nice to have the faery godmother's perspective. And the ingredients for the spell!