March 16, 2021

Fae Wife, By Lauren E. Reynolds

Editor’s note: What a magical, mystical wife and her husband. Each is odd to the other, perhaps, but they are well suited. Love the garden imagery! There is a mystery in this poem, as well, and I can’t quite figure out what it is, but it’s fun to ponder. As for the theme? I think they heal each other through magic and music. (KW)

Where have you been my dear?

He hung his coat by the fire.

I came in and could not find you here?

She smiled, held up a basket of greens and said

I was gathering herbs, sweetheart

so dinner may start,

see! Potatoes and leeks,

and water fresh from the creek,

and acorns for cakes and bread.

She hung up her cloak

and beneath, saw her dress embroidered in wild baroque

of leaves and beasts

and shaking raindrops from her hair,

set the table for a feast.

Why is there mud on your hems, my dear?

And your fingers green as stems?

I was in the garden, darling.

Talking to the flowers

and lost track of the hours 

for it won't be long until they wilt and woe

and the vegetables it will be time to sow 

and I disliked seeing them so saddened.

He watched her stoke the fire

and could only admire 

the way she skipped and turned,

while wondering at the vigor

in which she stirred and stirred.

Then why is your smile so wide?

He asked, noting the wildness in her eye.

Why are your eyes so bright?

She smiled. Well, I came upon the window


and when I saw your face in the glass,

I thought myself a lucky lass

to have caught such a fellow.

He smiled at his strange little wife

with her magical zest for life,

set down his hunter's pack,

pulled out his fiddle and played the strings,

watched her dip and twist and twirl as from her back

sprouted wings.


Bio: Lauren E Reynolds goes through life with a wonder in her heart, a story in her smile and a colorful collection of costume dresses and boots. She is a children’s librarian, and freelance writer. She has been writing since she was a child, and has had her work published in Truancy and Cirsova Magazines, and the anthologies Under the Full Moon’s Light and Hidden Menagerie.


Image from Pixabay.


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Lynden Wade said...

I love this! The hints of the wife's other life, the lilting rhythm and the surprise rhymes, the dance at the end. . . Perfect!

Kelly Jarvis said...

Lauren, this is beautiful! I love the wings sprouting from her back.

Brigid Levi said...

I love the imagery in this! I can picture it so clearly in my head!

Molly said...

Such a sweet and playful poem, and a lovely surprise at the end!

Kathleen Jowitt said...

What a beautiful picture!

Lauren E Reynolds said...

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments and feedback! This particular poem is very close to my heart because it fills that deep need I think we all have to find someone who loves us not inspite of our strangeness, but because of it :)