February 9, 2021

Please Support EC on Patreon, By Kate Wolford

Would you like to learn more about writing? Peek into the brains of editors in the land of fairy tales? Have your work appear on this site in a special edition? Receive 12 glorious vintage fairy tale images over the next 12 months? Learn editing and content tricks for your stories and poems? Create community with other writers?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then you will love the creators tier for EC’s Patreon Campaign. To learn more about this tier and the other three, go here.

But let’s dig in a little further, with a Q&A:

Q&A About Patreon Program 

Q: Why are you doing this campaign? Can’t you just keep things the way they are?

A: Quality takes time and money. I have a finite amount of money. Everyone does! Even billionaires. (I am very much not a billionaire.)

The internet gets more and more crowded every year. It takes time and money to cut through the noise. EC has had a strong presence in the online fairy tale world, but to continue, we need to reach more people. That takes money. Examples: Posts are boosted on Facebook, which isn’t free. I buy a particularly effective piece of art for a story. I buy a book for a book review. Those are just a few of the costs of this site that are essential, but not readily noticeable.

Q: You pay a lot more than other online sites. Can’t you just pay less?

A: Yes, EC pays a lot, compared to many other sites. Doing so helps us get work from writers who are used to being paid professional rates. They bring fans along. This translates into more people enjoying the world of fairy tales. It also means that there are more eyes for the stories and poems from brand-new writers and those who haven’t broken through yet.

I do not look down on token pay sites (at times, EC has fallen into that category), or sites that cannot offer any pay. I support such sites—literally, I give them money on Patreon. I’m 100 percent behind those publishers. But for the reasons above and below this paragraph, that’s not how I want to do this.

I also pay more as a small blow against the exploitative sites across the internet that make millions of dollars every year, but tell their writers that their “pay” is exposure.

Q: Can’t you run ads?

A: It’s hard to get real money from a niche site through ads. It’s also a ton of work, and we work hard already.

Also, do you really want EC to be yet another ugly, junky site that has those jumpy ads you have to scroll through? Those irritating pop ups? Those weird, gross ads with horrible pictures to get your attention? If anyone posts horrible pictures on EC, it’s gonna be the staff here that does it!

Our site may be old and clunky (but it is also blog classic, which I like), but it isn’t full of ugly junk either. It’s words and art. That’s it. I’m proud of that.

Q: What else should we know?

Friday is my birthday. Consider your support a gift to me!

Also, every dollar counts. For those of you who give at the $1 level, think of it as three lattes a year, or $12. The $3 level is the equivalent of a family of four eating out just one time at a fast food restaurant, or $36 per year. The $5 level is the equivalent of the cost of one beer a month, or $60. The $7 level is about the same as one massage—that’s one massage a year or $84. But for this last one, I think the extra benefits are well worth it. 

(For those who only want to give once in a larger lump sum, equivalent to one year at a specific tier, there is an easy workaround: “Patreon now technically only allows monthly contributions. BUT, there is a way around it, and the method is actually provided by Patreon, HERE. But please know that your one-time contribution must hit a goal to have access to a tier. For example, if you want to be in the Creators tier for one year, your one-time contribution should be at least $84.”)

All of the benefits are worth it. At every level. We are trying to build our bank account by building more fun for our supporters. There will be a Facebook group! For every donor. You’ll get to take part in Patreon polls, look behind the scenes, get to know us better!

Please give. We need it, and every single penny will go to EC’s costs. I take home nothing. Once again, here’s a link.


Image by Amanda Bergloff.

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