February 3, 2021

Patreon Campaign Officially Starts Feb. 9, by Kate Wolford

It’s past time for EC to be launching its Patreon program, and on Feb. 9, it will officially start. In fact, it’s technically open right now, here, but we’re still tinkering with it—but not the rewards. They are set.

All contributions will go to help make EC run. Every penny. I’m not looking to get paid. I’m looking to make EC better.

The reward tiers are below, but I want to emphasize that while all donations are extremely welcome—literally every penny counts at EC—I am hoping that many of you will support at the Creators Tier. I plan to turn the Creators Tier into a kind of school for fairy tales as we go forward. Yes, it exists to make money for EC, but I have big plans for it! Please consider joining at that level.

Before we get to the rewards, I want you to know that I am aware that many people, myself included, really dislike signing up for monthly contributions. They are easy to forget, and it can feel like your pocket is being picked. Sadly, Patreon now technically only allows monthly contributions. BUT, there is a way around it, and the method is actually provided by Patreon, here. But please know that your one-time contribution must hit a goal to have access to a tier. For example, if you want to be in the Creators tier for one year, your one-time contribution should be at least $84.

$1-2 per month. Friends of EC tier. People will get a mention of thanks on EC’s support page, and access to a monthly post on Patreon will give news about what’s new in the world of fairy tales, including EC. There will also be two digital rewards for this tier during the year. There will also be a Facebook group for Patreon supporters only, starting with this tier.

$3 per month. Heroic Helpers tier. Rewards in first tier, plus individual patrons will get a thank you at the bottom of a story or other work on EC. Your support will be public for readers of new fairy tales and nonfiction to see. Three times a year, patrons at this level will have access to a story or poem published only for supporters at this tier and above. 

$5 per month. This is the fairy godperson tier. To give $60 over the course of a year is pretty magical, so in addition to the goodies in the first two tiers, the heroes will receive an mp3 of a bimonthly bedtime story or fairy tale themed meditation by me, a certified meditation teacher who specializes in insomnia and anxiety. These will be relaxing recordings that will entertain as well as sooth. I’m told I’m very soothing and relaxing. These recordings will highlight both fairy tales and rest.

$7 per month. This is the Creators’ tier, and a great value. EC is expressly a readers’ site, but writers are a massive part of EC’s audience. The rewards for this tier (in addition to the first three tier awards) will include a monthly Patreon post and/or video of tips for writers, and early warning  of upcoming, as-yet-unannounced contests on EC. You will also find out 2022’s theme in October! And, you’ll get a gorgeous digital reward, like the one at the top of this post.

Plus, I’ll give insider info on what goes through my mind when I evaluate submissions, and Q&A’s with authors who have had success with EC. I’m sure other topics will arise, and I’ll address them. Think of this as the tier that cracks my editor’s head wide open—in a nonviolent way! 

Also, while no patron support efforts will affect whose work is chosen for publication on this site (really!), there will be two special contests open only to members of this tier during 2021. They will be designated Creators’ tier issues.

Those are the Patreon rewards tiers. I’m keeping the amounts relatively low, as we are still in a recession.

The following generous people have already donated during our soft opening;

Cecelia Wolford

Diane Ellson

Stanley Parker Jr.

Randy Jarvis

Susan Caroff

Julia Annie Caroff

Please give. We have such wonderful plans for this site, but we do need your help!



The image above, by Arthur Rackham, is one of the digital rewards for 2021. It’s from D&D Digital Delights, an Etsy Shop I’ve been patronizing for many years. The shop sells old images that have been meticulously restored. You’ll learn more about the store going forward, as Molly Ellson is currently working on a story about D&D.

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