January 20, 2021

EC’s 2021 Theme Image

Having a staff at EC is a true blessing! Amanda Bergloff isn’t just an editor—although she’s a good one—she’s also a graphic artist. 

Since we are so excited about the theme for 2021, “Healers, Midwives and Cunning Folk,” Amanda made a special image for the year that features the theme in beautiful Art Nouveau style (which she knows I love)! We’ll use it to promote the site and use it on the site when we’re publishing info on this year’s theme. (And we’ll use it on swag at a Zazzle store we will be opening soon.)

The vertical image is the main image for the year, and the horizontal one is an example of the kind of image we’ll use on other venues and formats. Don’t you love it?! I definitely do! It really captures the natural beauty of plants and I love the nouveau “healer” image Amanda chose.

Thank you Amanda!



Maxine said...

Stunning artwork, I love it

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Maxine. This year of themed stories is going to be fantastic! --Amanda