November 14, 2020

An Apology and a Confession

I am so very, very sorry about not having posted that there would be a delay on announcing December’s chosen authors.

Confession: The first truth is, the election has absolutely consumed me. I’ve been transfixed, and I only now feel like we may be coming to the end of the bizarre spectacle that is our national election. I’ve literally lost track of our calendar.

The second truth is that the fiction submissions were the best batch I’ve ever received in terms of overall quality. And that’s saying something, because I’ve read thousands of terrific submissions in my time. So to the wonderful writers who submitted, please hang in there.

I am having trouble making decisions and hoping to find a way to buy an extra story or two. 

But I failed to communicate this, and I do apologize. I will post the chosen authors on Wednesday. And again, I am so sorry.


Image by William Blake.

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