September 2, 2020

EC Patreon Program Coming This Month

Hi Everyone! I hope your lives are enchanted these days.

I’m posting today because I’m planning to start a Patreon program for Enchanted Conversation this month. The donations must be monthly, as Patreon no longer supports limited campaigns. This is disappointing to me, as I like knowing exactly how much money I have, and lots of people prefer to only give once (me too!), but that’s where things are. I’ve investigated a lot of alternatives, thoroughly, and Patreon is my best bet. 

I plan to start the Patreon effort the week of Sept. 21. I hope people will support this site. A dollar a month will help. Think of it this way: If 10 people give $1 a month, by the end of a year, those people will have paid for two stories/poems/essays, according to my planned story lengths and rates for 2021. (This is after Patreon’s cut and taxes.)

If 10 people sign up for the Creators’ tier, by the end of the year, they will have purchased close to 14 stories/essays/poems based on the new lengths and rates I have planned for 2021. That’s nearly a third of all the regular new content for next year!

If EC raises $4,000 (after expenses and taxes) by the end of September 2021, I’ll raise my operating budget to $4,500–up from $4,000–for 2022. If it raises $8,000 in the next year (big stretch), a yearbook of the works of 2021 will be published with art in pdf printable form in 2022. If EC raises $12,000 from this September to next September, I’ll start a small press for fairy tale anthologies. These are big plans and big dreams, but this is a fairy tale site! Why not dream big?

Here are my proposed reward tiers:

$1-2 per month. Friends of EC tier. People will get a mention of thanks on EC’s support page, and access to a monthly post on Patreon will give news about what’s new in the world of fairy tales, including EC. There will also be two digital surprises for this tier during the year.

$3 per month. Heroic Helpers tier. Rewards in first tier, plus individual patrons will get a thankyou at the bottom of a story or other work on EC. Your support will be public for readers of new fairy tales and nonfiction to see. Three times a year, patrons at this level will have access to a story or poem published only for supporters at this tier and above. 

$5 per month. This is the fairy godperson tier. To give $60 over the course of a year is pretty magical, so in addition to the goodies in the first two tiers, the godparents will receive an mp3 of a bimonthly bedtime story or fairy tale themed meditation by me, a certified meditation teacher who specializes in insomnia and anxiety. These will be relaxing recordings that will entertain as well as sooth. I’m told I’m very soothing and relaxing. These recordings will highlight both fairy tales and rest.

$7 per month. This is the Creators’ tier, and a great value. EC is expressly a readers’ site, but writers are a massive part of EC’s audience. The rewards for this tier (in addition to the first three tier awards) will include a monthly Patreon post and/or video of tips for writers, and early warning  of upcoming, as-yet-unannounced contests on EC. You will also find out 2021’s theme in October! Yes, next month.

Plus, I’ll give insider info on what goes through my mind when I evaluate submissions, and Q&A’s with authors who have had success with EC. I’m sure other topics will arise, and I’ll address them. Think of this as the tier that cracks my editor’s head wide open—in a nonviolent way! 

Also, while no patron support efforts will EVER affect whose work is chosen for publication on this site (really!), there will be two special contests open only to members of this tier during 2021. (That’s right, in addition to the other contests.) They will be designated Creators’ tier issues. The works chosen for it will be included in the yearbook edition, if one is published.

Those are my Patreon rewards tiers. I’m keeping the monthly amounts relatively low, as we are in a recession, although a lot of people seem to pretend it isn’t happening. What do you think? I can’t have super elaborate rewards, as what I’m already planning will significantly extend my workload.

Thanks for reading!

Eager for your opinions. Kate


Image by Margaret Tarrant.


Wolfchick3 said...

I would be willing to do the Fairy Godperson or Creator's tier. But I do have a question, if not a lot of people are able to be in the Creator's tier, will the paetron contest expand to the Fairy Godperson tier?
Thank you for all you do!

Katew said...

No. The amount of work for the top tier will be prodigious. I could argue that I should just open it to everyone if I don’t have a bottom. If it’s the wrong one and I have no takers, I’ll lop off the top tier. If people can’t afford it, then I’m offering it at the wrong time.
I appreciate your thank you!

Kelly Jarvis said...

Exciting news! I hope you get lots of support for all of your hard work!