August 9, 2020

September 2020 Authors Chosen

I’m posting this a day early because tomorrow I’m extremely busy. I’m in the middle of a super busy stretch. The authors of the chosen works for September have already been informed of their status. Therefore, if you did not receive an email from me telling you that your work has been chosen, you should shop the story elsewhere—there were some really good ones that were hard to turn down this month. The top five stories were all highly publishable.

Here are the chosen authors:

Kelly Jarvis

Lee Gaitan

A.M. Offenwanger

Thank you to everyone be who submitted! The window for October submissions opens Sept. 1. Also, a wonderful writing opportunity will be coming very soon. Keep checking this site!

This week’s essay will run Tuesday.


Image from “Cinderella,” by Charles Folkard.


Lee Gaitan said...

I'm so honored and excited. Congrats to the other two writers for August! Thank you, Kate, for this wonderful opportunity to share my story.

Katew said...

I’m very pleased to be publishing i!

Katew said...

It. 😂