July 22, 2020

Contest Winners, Angel Card

I’m happy to announce the winners of the “Christmas in July Writing Contest.” I really enjoyed reading submissions, and they put me in a very jolly mood on these hot July days.

The winners are:

Kelly Jarvis

Ellie A. Goss

Linda McMullen

Maxine Churchman

Congrats to them! The stories will be published on Saturday, in a special Christmas in July issue.

To others that submitted, thank you! It was a hard process, which is a good thing. Your stories are free to be sent elsewhere.

Onto today’s card.

If you’ve never seen an angel card post here before, you can learn more about it by reading the first five paragraphs from this post, link here.

Look at the back of the card, and fix a question in your mind. The card won’t predict the future, as I’ve noted in these readings before. Instead, the card, hopefully, will help you take inventory of yourself and your circumstances, so you can move forward on the issue you have in mind.

“If You Believe,” initially seems pretty positive to me. It does put responsibility onto the viewer though. And, after all, we are all at the mercy of outside forces. Coronavirus, anyone? I’m always leery of messages that put the onus of achievement in the individual. On the other hand, if you want to accomplish anything, you pretty much do need to believe in your power to do so. 

As for the look of the card, the angel is holding one of the symbols of sacred geometry. I don’t understand that anymore than I understand regular geometry, so an explainer is HERE. I also see an expression of concentration on her face, so maybe she’s wishing you good luck. 

What does the book say? Stay positive and “visualize the outcome you’re hoping for.” Sounds good. But then it goes on to say “set aside all negativity or pessimism,” gets into the Law of Attraction, of which I am not a great fan. But that’s another post.

Hope the card gave you some help.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Throwback Thursday.


Ellie a.Goss said...

I look forward to reading the other winning stories, so glad you enjoyed my sub.

Kelly Jarvis said...

I can't wait to celebrate Christmas in July!

Katew said...

You’ll be impressed.

Katew said...

I know! It’s so much fun!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much!