July 29, 2020

Angel Card, 7-29-20

It’s angel card time here again, and I remain ambivalent. The stats show little engagement, and I can think of lots of other things to post on a Wednesday. 

How about letting me know if you like the angel cards or not, below, in the comments?

Onto today’s card.

Look at the back of the card, and fix a question in your mind. The card won’t predict the future, as I’ve noted in these readings before. Instead, the card, hopefully, will help you take inventory of yourself and your circumstances, so you can move forward on the issue you have in mind.

I clearly had the question about quitting the cards in my mind when I picked this card. (It’s always random, and with my eyes closed.) The answer, as you can see below, suggests that I take my time at the very least.

“Reconsider, “ shows a pretty, buff, stern guardian angel holding a big, old sword. He’s a bit threatening. Is he trying to coerce me into sticking with the readings?


Here’s the thing: I don’t think these cards predict anything like the future, and I don’t think they should be “obeyed.” They just encourage people to think about their lives and specific questions about their lives. The cards are also ambiguous. This one could just as easily be a suggestion that I reconsider doing the readings at all. Like I’ve said before: These cards are more Rorschach tests than anything else.

The book says to proceed carefully and ask for advice from trusted sources. Take time with the decision and be careful. Ultimately, it says wait for another moment.

We’ll see.


AMOffenwanger said...

Hi Kate, to answer your question, I don't like the angel cards and would much prefer a fairy tale related post. :)

Aliza Faber said...

Hi, I'm also not a big fan of the angel cards. I'm a huge fan of this site and have been following for a while so of course I'm staying around for the other stuff, but I think that if I had seen angel cards on it when I had found it I might not have stayed around for the actual fairy tale related posts, and I'm wondering if there are others who would be interested in the fairy tale stuff but might be pushed away by the angel cards. Just wanted to add that possible perspective so you could take it into account.

Katew said...

I’m so sorry I started them. I feel like I should keep up with them because I said I would, but maybe not.

Katew said...

This is very useful feedback. I’ve come to dislike doing the cards. They were really just a fun, dopey thing when I started with them. I’m definitely reconsidering.

Teika Marija said...

I can see how they're not to everyone's liking but I do enjoy the angel cards post because it's a short read and it gives me a few minutes out of my hectic life to stop for a moment and have a think about what's important to me in my life right now. But you do need to make the right choice for you. :-)

Ellie a.Goss said...

I have had a whole week of things I should have reconsidered, from a 3 hour trip for a course to saying yes about covering my boss at work, rather than negotiating the days better, even a response to a facebook post, that turns out was written by someone else and led to the angriest voice I have ever used with my daughter - where was my angel this week? On a card screaming out, reconsider!
Oh, but back to topic, I dont mind - like I mentioned on a previous inquiry, I find it difficult to associate the two, Angel with fairy tale, considering the Religious verses the Supernatural both personally and academically, but certainly acknowledge the parallel paths that can manifest from both.

Katew said...

I hope your next week goes better!!! I’m sending an πŸ˜‡ your way! 😊

Katew said...

I’m quite on the fence, I must admit!

Melissa Yuan-Innes said...

Hi Kate, I hadn’t seen the angel card posts before. I could go either way, myself. I don’t believe in them, but I enjoy pausing to reflect in general. I looked back, and I certainly prefer these one-word cards to the longer one with predictable phrases on them (to which I would personally give a thumbs down).

If you really like the cards, keep them up. If you find they don’t get much engagement and don’t follow your brand, then it may be time to let them go.

Either way is fine. You can always change your mind.