June 8, 2020

Some Important This and That

Well, I hope you’ll think this info is important, because I do.

There is a fun way to support EC indirectly on Facebook. If you are a lover of classic fairy tale pictures, you will love my Facebook group, “Classic Fairy Tale Illustrations.” By joining the group, you see beautiful images, mostly from the Golden Age of Illustration, posted by me. You can post too! But not if you don’t join.

And the images don’t just have to be from fairy tales. They can be fairies or angels or goblins or gnomes or any other enchanted or folkloric subjects. I do ask that they be on the upbeat side (no serious horror) and that they be suitable for any age. (Also, just based on personal taste, I loathe sexy fairies, angels, goblins, witches, etc. Ugh.)

My other important info concerns the angel card readings. They are extremely time consuming. Also, they don’t seem to promote any interaction with the site beyond reading the angel card post. What’s more, I get inundated by people convinced I’m promoting satanic behavior by using “divination,” even though I unambiguously state I’m not doing divination! I’d love to know what you all think about the angel cards. (I’m not doing the cards this week because I’m reading submissions.) Please comment below. 

Last, but not least: I am keeping track of interaction with the site. I’m concerned that EC is lost in a much larger world of fairy tales on the Internet. I’m also keeping track of page views, and right now, the amount of page views EC is getting is low. That’s with heavy social media promotion and a lot of time and effort on my part. Not to mention, significant expense. Please promote the site! Please read the stories!

That’s all for now. I would tell you who the illustrator was for this image, but I don’t know who it was.

Update: Thanks to A.M. Offwanger for letting me know the artist for the Goose Girl image is by Elizabeth Curtis and published in 1817.


  1. I love the Angel Cards! I have always been interested in Tarot Cards, but they
    seem scary, likely because I was raised Catholic and do not understand them. The Angel Cards seem beautiful and positive. They have made me think about elements of my life in new ways. I also love the Classic fairy Tale Illustrations, though I have never posted on the site. There are many fairy tale themed sites on the internet, but I can never get enough!

  2. Well, since you ask: I'm not interested in the angel card readings. I skip those posts and don't read them. As far as I'm concerned, they don't have anything to do with fairy tales, which is what EC is about. But seeing as you seem to have some readers who really like them, maybe you could start a separate site for the purpose? (Didn't you have another webpage, something about Fairy Godmothering? That might be a better fit.)
    As for the illustration, it seems to be by Elizabeth Curtis, from 1917, according to this site:

  3. I understand the concern about traffic to your webpage and I had two thoughts regarding it:
    1. Many of us use rss feed readers instead of reading blogs on the actual website (not sure if that gets factored into page traffic) and
    2. Honestly, it's really really difficult to find previous EC publications. Right now, I can not find your last publication. So even if it is somewhere on the site, it's not easy enough to navigate and finding it is not intuitive.

    Personally, I'm not interested in the Angel Cards...

  4. I read the tarot email as the full post is in it, maybe to drive traffic and gage interest you could provide a link to full web article. I can understand that some won't see a connection between angel, tarot and fairy tale but perhaps as the stories are published they will loosen their constraints on terms and classification. I wasn't aware of the illustrations page, I'll check it out. And finally, there is a large number of sites, but also demand, I would think that as there has been little posted, considering your effort, for a while that once things are up and running 😊❤️ you will see an increase of interest.

  5. Maybe we have stumbled onto an idea. Enchanted conversations. A weekly or other topic based question/s afa suggested first topic, " Do Angels have a place in fairy tales? perhaps drawing on the book, Beyond the Glass Slipper concepts. It's an idea.

  6. I started following Enchanted Conversation in early 2019. Publication dates were something to look forward to, as there were always multiple well-written stories paired with lovely illustrations. The stories and their authors were promoted heavily on Twitter on Tuesdays, and it was easy for the authors to support each other as well as EC. There was nice camaraderie. That all stopped. I haven't seen any new stories in months-though maybe I simply missed seeing it. Now, I probably won't go out of my way to search because I am absolutely uninterested in angels. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with fairy tales. I do love tarot cards, but again, no interest in angels. And I wonder how many people want a tarot reading in their inbox? Even as a tarot fan, I don't want that. I subscribed to EC for quality fairy tale writing.

    Also, as someone above mentioned, I read the email, rather than click into the site, so maybe that's part of why your numbers look low. Give us a link to the site in each email so we can easily find it. Honestly, I haven't seen any promotion of EC anywhere other than the angel emails.

    It's hard to find old stories on the site now. The only reason I can find the one I wrote last year is because I already have it bookmarked. I wonder if you are promoting new stories on Twitter and I've just missed it? Maybe you could try to post some of the older stories there to bring interest back to the fiction?

    As a writer, I feel a little uncomfortable with the suggestion that only super-involved supporters will have a chance at being published in EC. I hope my stories will be accepted by editors because they are well-written, not because I've been kissing up to the editor. In the past I supported EC heavily on Twitter, as did most of the other writers. But I didn't do that to gain favor with anyone or to increase my chances of being published again--I did it because I loved the stories!

    I think if you resume the old practice of providing great stories, on a predictable schedule, and making it easy for people to find the stories, your traffic will improve significantly. I hope so, because I really liked EC in the past. I would love to see EC become a center of fairy tale discussion & activity again. I wish you the best of luck with this.

  7. Speaking for myself, I'm not interested in the angel cards. I really do believe in angels, but not in the same way as you.

    For traction: I read the newsletters as email - the most reliable way to keep up with info. My social media feed gets swamped with dog pictures, angry political rants etc so I hardly ever go there plus algorithms...I didn't know about the illustrations group but have requested to join. The EC facebook page - could you post links to the EC stories there?

    Also, the featured post on this webpage is "Biggest reasons you won't get published." I'm sure it's very useful but having this title as a featured one is rather discouraging. In the current climate especially, we read so much discouragement that I for one shy away from any more.

    I hope this is useful. There really is a space for fairy tales in this world, now more than ever.

  8. I'm a relatively new visitor to your site and I've enjoyed the angel card readings because I'd only known about tarot cards before and these seem wholly positive and uplifting. I'm a bit old-fashioned and only view websites on a laptop but I have found it quite hard to find the stories. But maybe those on a smartphone can find them easier? Thanks for all you do to promote fairy tales. Best wishes!

  9. I find that it's harder to find older stories with the new site design. Where did the "Past Issues" page go? I think if you update that (where it's easy to find previous issues) your readers will visit more often and enjoy the stories on EC again.