June 24, 2020

Angel Cards, 6-24-20

Hi Everybody. It’s angel card time, and things are different today, again. As I noted a couple of weeks ago, HERE, three cards are a lot to work with each week (using the original deck), for a return that doesn’t yield more eyeballs on stories and poems on EC. (As for stories and poems, HERE is a link to a 2017 Diamonds and Toads issue, just for fun.)

I am using “ Angel Wishes” cards today. They are straight up positivity cards. I still can’t find my usual cards. So I’m using these.

Here they are. There is no handbook for them, but the box says they exist to provide guidance and encouragement. Since they are small and uncomplicated, I did go ahead and pick three. But when I go back to the old ones, I’ll just do one at a time.

The first one could be an “Ask  Your Angels,” suggestion. Or perhaps you believe in a higher power: God, the Cosmos, the Universe. As for those of you who are nonbelievers, I’d love to know if you feel any potential from this. Is it negative, positive or nothing?

The second card is, frankly, a little too sweet for me. But I hope some of you might get some comfort from the idea that feathers signify that an angel is sending you love. I am aware that in angel culture, floating feathers are taken as a very possible sign. Or is it just a feather to you?

The last one about dreams—have you ever had a sense that your dreams came from other people? I have. It’s usually been after someone has died and just wanted me to know he or she is okay. Do dreams hold a lot of significance for you? Or are you rolling your eyes? 

Let me know. Tomorrow is Throwback Thursday, so come back to see what I’ve chosen.

P.S.: The window for submissions opens again on July 1, at 12 a.m., and closes at 11:59 p.m., July 3. Times are Eastern Standard Time. HERE are the submission guidelines.

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