June 2, 2020

Angel Cards, 6-2-20

It’s Angel Card Day, and this week I decided to focus on good things happening in life. The cards can’t predict what will happen, but they can give you food for thought about changing your circumstances to have a better life. I think of them as being a little like a Rorschach test. An angelic, positive Rorschach test.

I shuffled the cards, then picked three, randomly. Take a look at these cards, which are currently face down. Now think of a specific issue in your life you’d like help with to create a good outcome. Fix it in your mind.

Which one speaks of the past, present or future with this issue? Most of the time when you do a three card spread, the past, present, and future go left to right, but I’m freestyling this because it’s not a personal reading. You don’t have to sense them in the order they are laid out. The third card from the left, for example, may mean the past for you. Just go with your gut and jot it down. Also, you don’t even need to think about the past, present, and future. You can skip that and just think about creating good circumstances in your life with the three cards.

OK, I’m turning them over.

Look at the cards, which are in the original order, but remember, your past, present and future may have presented in a different order. Also, please remember we are not doing divination here. My reading is to get you to think about your life. I have no special powers. (To learn more, go HERE, and read the first five paragraphs.)

The “If You Believe” card is about having faith in yourself that good things can happen, no matter how difficult life can be. And for a lot of us, life is very difficult right now. Because of that, I think, just leaving your mind open to the possibility that good things can happen is a positive step. 

As for the book about the cards, it says that good things can come to you if you believe, and visualize the outcome you want. It also says to “set aside all negativity,” and I’m not sure that’s good advice. (It also discusses the Law of Attraction.) Humans need to look for negative things—it keeps us from making dangerous choices. Again, I say be as positive as you realistically can be and good things will very likely happen. Or, try to reframe events from the past that you’ve viewed as negative to be less so. That could help with spotting good fortune now and in the future.

As for the card’s image, there’s a very beautiful angel, with snakes and wings above her head. She’s also holding symbols of sacred geometry. I freely admit to knowing next to nothing about sacred geometry. So an explainer is HERE.

The next card makes me very happy, because it encourages meditation, and I’m a meditation teacher! I can tell you that taking time to clear your mind and gently focus on your breathing will make both bad and good situations better. I have been through some difficult xperiences during the last 18 months, including the death of my mother. Meditation helped me more than I can possibly say. But it also helps me enjoy the good things in life even more. Rather than go on about this, check out my Facebook page, Kate Meditates. There are lots of posts about the benefits of meditation. And tips.

The handbook says that this card means that you should not just try to solve things intellectually. Instead,  go “within through meditation or inner spiritual work.” It also says to look to your nighttime dreams for answers.

The image is fairly simple, showing a woman in a meditative position at the feet of a beautiful, radiant angel, who appears to be giving the woman answers.

Finally, there’s the card that just says, “WAIT”! Well that’s certainly straightforward. This card is part of a timing group within the deck. The way I see it, it’s telling you that you need to look before you leap, and maybe you should remember times in your life when you didn’t wait for something good and as a result, it didn’t happen. Good things can definitely come to those who wait. Take positive actions, but be patient about results.

The handbook cautions a little patience. The angels need time to word on what you want, and you should also be aware that what you want can affect others, and that’s why it will take some time.

The image is certainly emphatic. The angel is looking kind of stern and is wielding a sword. There are flames around him. So, I’d wait patiently if I were you. (I actually think the image is a bit over the top.) what do you think?

That’s this week’s cards. How did they work for you?

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Joey C. said...

Sacred geometry is so awesome and interesting...I'm happy you mentioned it because I started reading more about it.