June 29, 2020

Angel Card, 6-29-20

My original angel cards are still missing, but I dug  some old timey ones up in an old cupboard. They are guardian angel cards. They have a Victorian angel theme, which is perfect for this year of angels/fairies here at EC.

As I explored a while back, I’m only picking one card from here on out. And today’s card is ready to be revealed. The back of it is of a traditional child angel—very big in Victorian times. She seems a bit full of secrets to me, but maybe you see differently, which is part of the fun of looking at these Rorschach test-like cards.

The card face has an action kind of guy—a real old fashioned soldier looking like he’s ready to report for duty. He has a very “be prepared” vibe. You know he has a fantastic Swiss Army knife. I guess I see him as a reassuring doer of good deeds.

What does the handbook say? That there is a lot of work to be done, so make a plan and work a plan, fast. This is a card for folks who love action, have confidence and get the job done. A real multi tasker card.

This card seems like an indicator of exciting, fun times, but hard work will be needed, as will a positive attitude. What do you see?

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