June 16, 2020

Angel Affirmation Cards, 6-16-20

Hi Everybody. It’s angel card time, and things are different today. As I noted last week, HERE, three cards are a lot to work with each week, for a return that doesn’t yield more eyeballs on stories and poems on EC. (As for stories and poems, HERE is a link to a 2016 Valentine’s Day issue, just for fun.)

But the cards are fun. And, I am using different cards today. They are straight up affirmation cards. I can’t find my usual cards, as we did a lot of reorganizing over the weekend. So I’m using these. I like them because they cannot be mistaken for divination. I don’t have anything against people who enjoy divination, I know tarot cards can help people, but it’s not something I want to do personally, and I don’t even know how!

Anyway, “The Angel Whisper” cards. Here they are. There is no handbook for them, but the box says they exist to provide guidance and encouragement. Since they are small and uncomplicated, I did go ahead and pick three. But when I go back to the old ones, I’ll just do one at a time. Here they are.

The one at the top seems particularly good for the times we live in. Things are much more uncertain than usual, with protests (which I support), a shredded economy, and COVID. So telling people you love them is a great idea. I’m not a ghoulish person, but in times like these, you don’t know what might happen, and letting people know you care is a sensible policy. Plus, it makes you and your loved one feel better.

The second card says take care of yourself and have fun. This sort of statement often gives me the eye rolls, but I decided to just be in a good mood this week, starting yesterday, and you know what? It feels great! And it feels like self care. I do feel stronger already.

As for being guided by unseen forces, in the third card, as I’ve said before, I do believe in angels, as I explored HERE on New Year’s Day. I also am a Christian, so I do have faith, but I have zero interest in converting people in connection to this site. That would be wrong! I respect all paths, and that’s extra true for this website, which attracts readers from all over the world. So I do think the third card had something to say to me, but that doesn’t mean it has anything to say to you. I’m also not sure that all will be well, but that might mean “well” in some cosmic way I don’t get.

I do think the card box is pretty. The soft, touchable wings remind me of “Pat the Bunny.”

What do you see? What do you think? Share below. I’d love to know.


Kitta MacPherson said...

It's so funny you mentioned "Pat the Bunny" because I had the very same thought when I started reading your post and viewing those downy wings. And that's such a positive reference because it brings back memories of reading to my now-grown children from the time they were tiny. They loved the combination of story and tactile experience in Dorothy Kunhardt's book. As did I. I was always a working Mom and used to especially enjoy reading to them in the summer when my journalism job quieted down. We'd chase fireflies in the yard then come in and, after their bath time, read in the coolness of our old cavernous living room: Their hair damp, their little bodies dressed in their summer jammies, their faces all expectant. Trumpet of the Swan, The Snowy Day, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Lemony Snicket. We covered it all and more. Heaven! Speaking of which, I love the look of these cards. They evoke a feeling of sitting on a cloud in a golden light that suggests dawn or dusk, my favorite times of day. Thank you for the great, evocative post.

Kelly Jarvis said...

I love the Angel Whisper Cards. They do remind me of "Pat the Bunny" which I used to read to my son when he was very small. I think Angels naturally evoke tactile sensations, so the feathers can almost be "felt" through the screen. I also enjoyed the stories and poems in the Valentine Issue.

Ellie a.Goss said...

I have not heard of Pat the bunny. But on the cards, I think words have real power, working like a magical spell, so if you surround yourself with positive and reassuring words they will have an effect. It's backed by science, sometimes called the law of positive ❤️ attraction, and is nestled between other psychological methods -words used to heal, sift and sort, etc.

Katew said...

Positivity: That’s part of my love of angels, for sure.

Katew said...

I loved doing the Valentine issue. It was one of my favorite ones ever.

Katew said...

Oh Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! She inspired my love of reading. And set me on the path of loving wonder stories.