May 25, 2020

Don’t Forget Fairy Tales

There’s one week to go until the submissions window for July opens. It opens on June 1, 12 a.m., EST, and closes June 3, at 12:59 p.m. Please read HERE for all submission guidelines.

I also would like to remind you that this is a fairy tale website, not an “I see you are taking submissions so even though my work has zero to do with fairy tales, I’ll still waste your time by sending you a story that has zero to do with fairy tales,” website.

It’s a fairy tale website. Period. 

Remember that this year, there must be an angel or fairy that is part of the story. It doesn’t have to be a huge part, but if I have to read a story twice to find it, it’s not enough.

I’ve been told many times that I’m “too mean” about my guidelines. I can live with that. I’m interested in good stories and nonfiction, and these guidelines help me get them.

Looking forward to the first batch of submissions!

Illustration by Hilda Boswell.

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