May 26, 2020

Angel Oracle Cards, 5-26-20

Here are this week’s angel oracle cards, a day late because of the holiday, and I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

I decided to focus on finance this week, as so many people worry about money these days. No one in my family had been negatively affected by the economic crash, but I know millions of people have, so that’s what I was concentrating on when I pulled the three cards. 

I shuffled them, then picked three, randomly. Take a look at these cards, which are currently face down. Now think of a specific financial issue in your life you’d like help with. Fix it in your mind.

Which one speaks of the past, present or future with this issue? Most of the time when you do a three card spread, the past, present, and future go left to right, but I’m freestyling this because it’s not a personal reading. You don’t have to sense them in the order they are laid out. The third card from the left, for example, may mean the past for you. Just go with your gut and jot it down.

OK, I’m turning them over.

Look at the cards, which are in the original order, but remember, your past, present and future may have presented in a different order. Also, please remember we are not doing divination here. My reading is to get you to think about your past present and future. I have no special powers. (To learn more, go HERE, and read the first five paragraphs.)

Well, it sure looks positive this week! These are wonderful cards!

The “Opportunity” card is literally showered with gold pieces. It actually looks like the angel is being drenched in gold. I’ve never seen a card so covered in positive money energy. This could mean that you need to examine opportunities that either once occurred, are currently occurring (and you’re not noticing it), or could occur in the future, but only if you make your own luck. 

In the handbook, it suggests that positive growth can be yours if you think about it and use your talents and creativity. What do you need to use to make your own luck and opportunities? Go for it!

“The Situation Will Improve” card is interesting to me. The message could not be more bluntly positive, but the actual art is a little confusing to me. I mean, why the dolphins? I guess the idea of the art is about swimming toward opportunities. The art on the card is pretty, but for me, it doesn’t say a lot. Maybe it does to you, though,

The handbook says, “The angels want you to know that they are aware that things look difficult right now.” Isn’t that interesting? Because we are in a huge financial mess right now. I think no matter if this is a past, present or future card for you, it’s clear that the message is, don’t give up. Not on money, family, friends or yourself.

Now it’s time for the “Big, Happy Changes” card. Wow! In this card the angel is in a “Ta Da” pose! The sun is shining over her head and a rainbow glows behind her. The rainbow could mean there’s a pot of gold for you at the end of it, but remember, treasure takes many forms. Don’t be so focused on money that you fail to notice treasure existing things in your life. At any rate, the image on this card can only mean positive things.

The book concurs. It says to not be afraid of taking big leaps for opportunities. “Release your fears and follow your heart,” it says. Whether it’s a new relationship, a big move or a financial opportunity, now is the time. But use common sense!

I’m not telling you what to do here. Use common sense, and while it’s great to take chances, don’t upend your life based on three cards. Nonetheless, this is a positive day for the cards.

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Kelly Jarvis said...

I love the Angel Oracle Cards! Thank you!