May 4, 2020

Angel Cards for You!

There’s an angel card reading coming up, but first, some background:Whether or not you believe in angels depends on your religious background, your sense of life beyond the quotidian seeable, your interest in and ability to sense energy—even your childhood. And your sense of wonder. Never underestimate the power of wonder.

Me? I began to seriously believe in angels in 2019, the worst year of my life—yes, a pandemic-induced quarantine is infinitely better than last year. When my mother was receiving Last Rites in Hospice last October, I profoundly sensed a spiritual presence in the room. On December 26, three days after my niece died, I was riding in our car on the way to her funeral, and she appeared to me as an angel outside the car window, smiling, and saying, “Hi Aunt Kate!” I knew she was well, and with the angels.

Look, I know that these events may have been generated solely by grief and loss, but I don’t believe that is so, and even if they were, I felt much better about my losses afterward, so I classify them as “angelic” and feel good about it. I don’t care if it’s fantasy. This is a fairy tale site. Fantasy belongs here.

As for angel oracle cards, I got into them as an alternative to tarot. I have no problem with tarot cards at all! I just find reading them alone to be confusing. I don’t seem to have the skills. Angel cards are more straightforward, at least the ones I use are.

“Angel Answers,” by Radleigh Valentine, is my favorite deck, and the one I’ll be using for your readings. It’s a highly simplified deck with no major or minor arcana. I pick three cards, lay them facedown, then turn them over for what they can tell me about understanding the past, present and future. They are not literally predictive. I use my mind, heart and spirit and analyze the pictures and words to help give me understanding about the days ahead. To learn more about angel oracle cards, go HERE. (I earn no money from this link.)

Okay, onto today’s cards.

I shuffled them, then picked three, randomly. Take a look at these cards, which are currently face down. Now think of a specific issue in your life you’d like help with. Fix it in your mind.Which one speaks of the past, present or future with this issue? Most of the time when you do a three card spread, the past, present, and future go left to right, but I’m freestyling this because it’s not a personal reading. You don’t have to sense them in the order they are laid out. The third card from the left, for example, may mean the past for you. Just go with your gut and jot it down.
Okay, I’m turning them over!

Look at the cards, which are in the original order, but remember, your past, present and future may have presented in a different order.

I’m not gonna lie, these cards look a little weird for answering anything about your past present or future. They seem weirdly time specific and decisive. But I picked them truly randomly. Your past, present and future cards may be showing you how pieces of your issue will be resolved.Based on the handbook and what I see, here’s some insight:

“A Year From Now”: The issue that is important to you may resolve itself or shift in important ways or recede from your consciousness in around 12 months. It could be a past, present or future aspect of your concern.

Remember that other people’s choices and events in the larger world will affect this outcome. Trust your guardian angels and stay as positive as is practical. And don’t be passive about your future outcome or in understanding the present or the past. Reach out to your fate. It’s in your hands. These cards are about what may be, because they don’t literally predict.

“You’re Ready”: Well that seems easy! But, what it may mean is that you are ready to let go of even wanting the issue in question to happen. Or maybe aspects of the past have now fallen away or moved to the forefront and you’re ready to move on. Or it may just mean the angels, the universe and your world are telling you that everything is aligned, and it’s time to go for it. In the present or immediate future.

“Within the Next Few Weeks”: Obviously, this week's short term card. Something is currently moving toward completion. You will probably be making a decision about your concern, or someone else will, very shortly. It could be a decision anywhere on the time continuum or about any aspect of your problem.

It’s important to look at the images on these cards as well. The pictures of their faces, including people, objects, background images, and colors are significant. No need to be overly specific with this. Use your imagination to interpret.

In “A Year From Now,” there are six(!) guardian angels. That suggests that powerful, positive forces want to help resolve your issue. This is great news if you believe in angels. You have an awesome team. And they are poised around a globe, so the issue will likely be entirely resolved in a year or you’ll receive help from far-flung places. Or both.

In “You’re Ready,” a single angel is radiating powerful energy on your behalf. And there an ancient city behind her—a corridor of power. There’s a lot of oomph in this card. Do notice the rainbow around her head. This could mean a lot of things, but as a firm believer in the seven chakra system, which includes a rainbow of symbolic colors, I suggest you take time today or tomorrow to balance them. To learn more about chakras and balancing them, go HERE. Then take action.

“Within the Next Few Weeks” is intriguing. Notice that one guardian angel is actually using a wand to radiate goodwill to the ordinary people in the picture. The setting is also pastoral. Could nature be needed for a resolution of your issue? And there’s another angel climbing the steps. To heaven? To lead you? Think about it.

That’s this week’s reading. Hope you found it useful. Next week’s reading will be more straightforward with less background. Please comment below and tell me how the reading went for you.


Kelly Jarvis said...

I am new to reading cards of any kind, but this is very beautiful and I hope to learn more each week!

Joey C. said...

This is so cool! Thank you!

Katew said...

You’re welcome!