May 12, 2020

Angel Cards, 5-11-20

It’s Angel Oracle Card time again! This week, I thought I’d focus on asking the cards about health—any aspect of health. COVID? Sure. Pregnancy? Why not? Plantar fasciitis? Ouch, but yes. In short, focus on a health matter, fix it in your mind, then look at the turned over cards.

An explanation of Angel Oracle Cards is HERE.

Here are the three cards we’ll look at this week:

shuffled them, then picked three, randomly. Take a look at these cards, which are currently face down. Remember, think of a specific health issue in your life you’d like help with. Fix it in your mind.Which one speaks of the past, present or future with this issue? Most of the time when you do a three card spread, the past, present, and future go left to right, but I’m freestyling this because it’s not a personal reading. You don’t have to sense them in the order they are laid out. The third card from the left, for example, may mean the past for you. Just go with your gut and jot it down.

(And remember, this is not divination. We’re trying to think about and understand the past, present, and future through the Angel Oracle Cards, not use them for predictions.)

Okay, I’m turning them over!

Look at the cards, which are in the original order, but remember, your past, present and future may have presented in a different order.

There is nothing but good stuff here. In fact, I’m not sure the past or future understandings matter much in this week’s cards, because I just see the present, really, but you may see differently. You do you! Let’s look at what they mean in terms of message.

“Remain Positive” is pretty easy and obvious. As the handbook with the cards says, things you’ve been hoping for will come to fruition soon. Don’t give up. Your angels are working for you. I also see that “remain positive” does not mean that you have to passively sit and wait for good stuff to happen. If you’ve been dragging your heels about getting a suspicious lump checked out or want to start a new exercise regimen, do it. The angels will not do it for you. 

Take a moment right here. What about the health issue you focused on can be helped by a positive attitude? But remember, you can’t use positive thinking to cure a sore throat. If you’ve got strep, get those antibiotics. I am super pro modern medicine.

While we’re here, if you take a close look at this card, you’ll see the Angel is smiling and happy. You’ll also notice that he/she/they looks a bit like a phoenix. Remember, they rise anew from the ashes and so can you! Finally, there’s a bowl of jewels in the forefront. Could it mean great health (which is far more valuable than jewels and gold) is just around the corner?

On to “Perfect Timing.” This is an even more assertive statement that it is time to take control of the health issue you are thinking about today. That’s what the cards say. No procrastinating. Do whatever you can to address this. I think the book is right. If you are still social distancing, but have a nagging toothache, call the dentist. There might be something that can be done with telemedicine or a very carefully controlled office visit. Or if you have been wanting to start walking but can’t go outside for some reason, pace the apartment, run the stairs. The time is right! (But check with your doctor first.)

The card is beautiful. The radiant smile on the angel’s face and the clarity of her face is a very nice but clear way of saying the time to deal with this issue is NOW! Also, notice there is a DNA-like spiral in the forefront. What does that mean to you? Is your issue congenital? (Most of my health issues are.) And don’t fail to notice the hourglass. 

Finally, “Forgiveness.” A positive card, but a tough one, because forgiving of self and/or others can be difficult. We cling to old hurts, and since the mind loves the negative—that’s just how human brains are wired—forgiving is often a heavy lift. But based on this and the other two cards, I’d suggest thinking about something you need to forgive. According to the book, it’s time to forgive old hurts so you can move on. Especially work on forgiving yourself. That doesn’t mean you don’t change your own behavior, but you take it easy on the self flagellation for the past.

The card shows a three-armed angel. One set of arms is reaching heavenward, the next set is in prayer position, the third holds an orb or some other object, which I think is meant to show the treasures that forgiveness brings. The angel is sitting on a throne. Clearly, forgiveness is a key action for the angels. How do you see this?

So these are the cards. Take them any way you like, but please remember that positive thinking and forgiveness being necessary to improve your health situation does not mean that you have a health problem because you “think wrong.” It’s just that forgiving and being more positive make things a bit easier.

More cards next week!

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