April 14, 2020

EC Has a Facebook Page: Give It a Follow!

Well, it took me 12 years, but at last, EC is on Facebook. Yes, it has its own page at last.

I haven’t stopped hating Facebook. It’s ugly and a horrible time suck, but when I needed a page for my meditation teaching, I discovered it may not be as totally horrible as I once thought. 

Why should you follow EC on Facebook? Lots of updates and new info will be on it, plus some gorgeous art. Also, as has always been the case, if I am choosing between two submitted works and one author is a frequent commenter and follows on Facebook, that person is going to be chosen.

So follow EC on Facebook HERE.

Are you a Twitter person? Then please do follow @EnchantedConvo. You don’t need to follow both, but it’s great if you do.

Image by William Holmes Sullivan. It’s called “The Fairy Ring; The Enchanted Piper.” Because I want you to follow me on Facebook, get it?!

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