January 13, 2020

Thayer Angel Inspiration

For those of you who want to submit fiction to EC in 2020, don’t forget that there’s an angel theme. Just look right under the header of this site for more information. (Nonfiction must be fairy-tale themed but does not need to be about angels or fairies.)

To help inspire you, here are some of the famous Thayer Angels, whose cool, yet strong and spiritual angels have made them notable for over 100 years. Thayer was an artist and naturalist, and he had some fame during his own lifetime. He was a well regarded portrait painted and a keen bird enthusiast, which probably explains why his angels’ wings are so pleasing to the eye. 

Thayer spent his life in a house full of women, and revered and respected them. He was no keen appreciator of sexy images of women, which may be why there is an androgynous look to many of his angels. Some of his children posed for the angels, which also explains the look timeless innocence many of his angel paintings display.

An eccentric and a man of many interests, he was also the father of camouflage. 

Angels and camo. There you go.

Here are the paintings. Learn more of Thayer’s story HERE.

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