December 5, 2019

BY WINTER'S STARLIGHT - December 2019 - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation
presents the
December 2019 Issue:

"By winter's starlight,
she appeared before them,
and by winter's starlight
she shared wondrous tales
from her crystal book..."

There's nothing like starlight on a clear winter's night. Its luminous beauty connects us with the infinite power of dreaming and imagination, and it is during long winter nights that I feel most like setting my imagination free by reading stories.

In this issue, ten writers inspire us into that dreaming state with their ten unique tales, each set in the season of winter, where snow, magic and starlight dance in the eternal sky, and we understand for a moment, that we are beings of forever.

The bird sang of golden light warming
the world. When the song ceased,
the woman wanted to cry...
Nancy Holzner

"I can grant your wish, but what
are you going to offer me in return..."
Jade Wilburn

The white wolf met her blue eyes
with its own. Without hesitation,
the girl went with the wolf...
Wolf at the Door
D. Avery

She found the cold invigorating;
the howling wind and driving snow
a tonic to her frigid soul...
The Ice Child
Tara Williams

He lives only for his paintbrush
and the billion shades and colors
he creates with it...
Painter's Colors
Rose Strickman

One winter morning, my parents
went outside and made a snow child
who came to life...
Snow Sister
Fran Laniado

Something gleamed silver in the
light of the moon. From the bucket,
a thread of water rose...
Jason Lane

A woman without a shadow sat
in front of her. A shadow without a man
sat behind her...
The Bride
Natalia Cwiklinska

The enchantress was a
miserable soul, but she had
not always been that way...
Ellie Goss

The Winter Queen is lethal.
She is unforgiving.
She is my only hope...
Breaking the Ice
Ariana Ferrante

And finally,

This is my last issue with Enchanted Conversation, and I want to say, thank you to everyone who read any of the 2018-2019 issues I produced as editor-in-chief. I have loved my time here at EC, and I am so grateful to have worked with so many amazing writers throughout these past two years. 
I am happy to announce the return of EC's original founder, the fab Kate Wolford, as editor-in-chief going forward in 2020. EC will be on a brief hiatus, but stay tuned for all the exciting new things Kate has in store for the zine next year!

In closing, I want to wish everyone an enchanted December, and I hope you all have a happy, healthy 2020! So, thank you, and goodbye for now, dear friends. I know we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when...

Amanda Bergloff

to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

Cover Painting: The Snow Maiden, Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov, 1899
Cover Layout: Amanda Bergloff

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