August 4, 2019

TALES FROM BEYOND THE WOODS - August 2019 - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation
presents the
August 2019 Issue

Beyond the woods lies an endless green.
All those who seek it 
can wander freely through the stories that dwell 
in this landscape of eternity.

The magic of fairy tales, folktales, and myths reach beyond our every day experiences and connects us to the past and future. They call us to look beyond what our eyes see in every day life and to see with our limitless imagination.

We hope you are all creatively inspired by the stories from the twelve talented authors featured in this issue and that they take you beyond the ordinary, beyond time, and beyond the woods...

So maiden, you would become queen?
Bring us the sky and lay it at our feet,
and the crown is yours..
Belle Perkins

Bring me a daughter, and give her the eyes
of a gazelle, the slender neck of a springbok,
and the grace of an antelope...
DJ Tyrer

Wouldn't being a frog-prince be way
mind expanding? That guy would get why
I felt so much like a fish out of water...
Amy Beth Sisson

The storm peterel stood before them with
its wings spread. He straddled the back of the
great bird, and the bird bore him into the sky..

What was the thing that twisted my heart
beyond repair? It was a piece of burnt toast...
Myna Chang

I looked back and saw braided hair,
dangling like a golden ribbon bookmark
left untucked upon a novel's spine...
Her Place
Rob E. Boley

A three-legged crow swooped down
and perched by Toki.
Cindy held a sprig of cherry blossoms
between her beak...
Lisa Cai

Listen, lady. We need to talk about this
Ella situation because I'm fed up...
Rachel Ayers

Fanny was a proud and stubborn girl.
Herbert was a brown lump of a troll
with a mouse that lived in his hair...
Heidi Lobecker

In keeping with the Grecian theme of the hotel,
on each of the eight walls there were
hand-painted murals of the Cyclades
and the beautiful Aegean Sea...
F.J. Bergmann

Albert nearly hired a detective then,
to figure out if what she said
about her stepmother was true...
Death in a
A.M. Offenwanger

It is the night of a summer's dream,
rousing the ones who dare sleep
to a kindling awareness...

And finally,
I want to send out my heartfelt thank you to everyone who reads Enchanted Conversation and also to the writers who create the wonderful tales we publish. Your support means everything, so please enjoy the song below that accompanies this issue.
Thank you for being on this journey with us!
- Amanda Bergloff, Editor-in-Chief

to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

Cover Painting: The Sensitive Plant by Sir Frank Dicksee
Cover Layout: Amanda Bergloff

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