June 9, 2019

A DROP OF WATER, A FLOOD OF DREAMS - June 2019 - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation
presents the
June 2019 Issue

With a drop of water
came a flood of dreams
where past, present, and future
flowed together
into the reality of story

In this issue, eleven authors will enchant you with original tales that use the theme of water in some way. Also, EC is excited to present our first full digital comic with illustrated tales by five artist/writers!

How do mythical creatures adapt to modern times?
Can mermaids grow old?
Who can outsmart a centuries old sea witch?
What rises from the water can't live on land forever, and what does it leave behind?
Where does love find a way beneath the waves?
and more!

So, like moonlight reflected on water, we hope these stories reflect the fluidity of imagination. Enjoy!

She knew she would always love Ronan.
Ondine wondered why she could never
see him in his human form...
Jane Dougherty

The water beckoned me home.
But I was determined, and
the city air was humid...
Rebecca Katz

The Sea Witch emerged from the pool
with her fierce inhuman eyes and
knew the girl would agree to anything...
The Queen,
The Sea Witch,
and The Urn
December Lace

The bitter water had cast its spell,
and the sweet water was useless.
And so, I watched Psyche from afar...
Bitter Water
Carol J. Douglas

There are two types of stories about
fairyland. Ones where the traveller
returns, and then there are the other ones...
K. A. Wiggins

"If you aren't human, it will be harder for you.
I think you are an elemental?"
"Wind and cloud..."
Noelani's Tether
Janna Miller

To her, time flowed just as her spring did.
Some gave to her
and others only took...
Lillie E. Franks

They say mermaids never grow old,
but that's a myth...
Madison McSweeney

You have only destroyed
our temporary bodies.
You, then, shall embody our will...
Ellen Huang

"Fish ain't supposed to talk."
"Who told you that? People who don't listen..."
Fiona and the
Golden Salmon
Robert Allen Lupton

What rises from water
can't live on land forever...
The People
of the Soil
Judy Darley

And check out EC's
first full digital comic
Alan Bay
Amanda Bergloff
Martyna Kulak
M. Lopes da Silva
Aaron M. Williams

And finally,
I'd like to bring this issue to a close by thanking all the wonderful writers and artists featured in it. It's been my privilege to work with all of them. I also want to thank everyone from our worldwide audience who reads Enchanted Conversation. Our purpose in publishing EC is to inspire creativity through the magic of fairy tales, folktales, and myths...
so thank you, one and all, for your amazing support!
- Amanda Bergloff, Editor-in-Chief

to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

Cover Painting: Mermaid by John William Waterhouse, 1901
Cover Layout: Amanda Bergloff

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