February 2, 2019

HEART'S DESIRE - February 2019 - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation
presents the
February 2019 Issue:
Love is an eternal, beautiful, intangible thing that we try to understand through stories. As we attempt to define it, through the fairy tales, folktales, and myths passed down through the generations, we come to know that it is something that takes many forms. Love can be creative, inspiring, self-sacrificing, and transformative, but it can also cause jealousy, heartbreak, and destruction. It is this duality that makes love so exquisite. It walks the fine line of joy and sorrow, and the quest for humans to find their “heart’s desire” is one that will never end.

In this issue, ten authors create unique tales that explore love in its different forms:
How can love transcend two who can never be together?

What if the gift of love is only given if you give the right words first?

Can a crafty bargain be outsmarted and turn into love?
Will a love potion created for others work on the one who made it?
Is it possible to be as patient as time to be with the one you love?

Plus more stories to get you thinking about what your own “heart’s desire” would be...

She was everything to him,
and him to her.
But they could not be...
Connor Sassmannshausen
I will marry the one
who brings me a true gift,
one that is different from all others...
So, I’m walking through the forest,
sticking to the path when I hear a voice...
Deb Whittam
My gift is a part of you,
the purest part of you...
Chelsea Ellingson
Twice through the loop,
out goes the thread,
once down the needle,
one piece of bread…
Carmen Redondo
She was a goddess and her
wild fragrance warmed him...
Sarah Deeming
I’m supposed to spin straw into gold.
Suggestions are welcome…
Lisa Kovac
She had eyes the color of the river,
the color of the lakes,
the color of the sea...
Katherine Kendig
There’s a price, my dear,
There’s always a price…
M. A. Ray
Her beloved tree curved into
the shape of a heart at its center...
Hope Denney
And finally,
I want to thank everyone who reads Enchanted Conversation by sharing my favorite piece of inspirational "love music" - Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy. I hope it inspires you as well.
So, thank you, one and all. Your support means everything.
- Amanda Bergloff, Editor-in-Chief
to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.


Unknown said...

Looks like a great issue!

Enchanted Conversation said...

Thanks so much, Kelly. All the authors captured an interesting aspect of "love."

Unknown said...

Thanks for another wonderful issue. I know how much work these must be. "What the Water Takes" is probably my favorite, but they're all lovely.