February 2, 2019

FOR FOREVER by Connor Sassmannshausen

She was everything to him,
and him to her.
But they could not be...
He’d loved her since the beginning, love at first sight you could call it. From the primary glances, she was dark in every way. With one look, she stole his heart. With a smile that seemed to light the sky, she could rival the sun. The sparkle of joy and sorrow in her eyes put the stars to shame.

When she saw him for the first time, she noticed the way his laugh lit up his face. The energy he exuded in everything he did held her attention, even if it was the most menial of tasks.

Everything about him was bright, seeming to hold everything in his thrall.

She was everything to him, and him to her. She was his match. He wanted her more than anything in the world, just as she yearned for him. He would give anything to her, for her.

But they could not be.

It started with flowers, every kind he could think of, every species she could imagine. And she held them dear, smiling with each gift. Then, he turned to all manner of trees and plants, and she kept them all. And she loved him all the more. So many, he sent, that she created a vast garden, where she would walk, alone, and think of him.

Because they could not be.

But still he loved her, and she him.

Then he began to send her creatures, from the smallest field mouse to the massive whale. And she found a place for everything he sent. She made space for an ocean for the fish, for the whales, for the seals, and all that swam. She created plains of various grasses, for the buffalo and the mustangs, and for the elephants and lions. She took trees from her garden and planted her own jungle for the creatures that dwelt there. Until she had a boundless menagerie.

And she loved him.

But they could not be.

As time spun on, he saw that she was alone, that he could not rid her of that. So, he began to send her companions, hoping they may take away some of her pain. He sent her both men and women, trying to find her a match that would take his place as her equal. He sent the wise and the wealthy. He sent her kings and scholars. He sent her farmers and shepherds, ranch hands and business owners. He sent doctors, lawyers. He sent dreamers, writers, creators, artists. He even resorted to liars and thieves, murderers and traitors. Hoping she would find someone to keep her company in her quiet, lonely days.

But none she found to compare to him. None could understand her. None could comprehend what she thought and said. But she kept them, housed them, fed them, cared for them, because he had sent them to her.

And as the days passed, she would remain by the door, waiting for whatever gift he sent.

Sometimes, another flower to add to her garden, or a creature for her zoo, sometimes another friend to try to break away some of her loneliness.

So many days and weeks and months had passed, she began to believe they would never meet again, like in the beginning. The stars in her eyes began to dim, and sun in her smile began to fade.

Then, one day, the gifts didn’t come. She had become so accustomed to them, she didn’t know what to do. She waited by the door for another messenger, with even the smallest blade of grass, but none came.

She felt her heart break, the stars in her eyes went out, and the brightness of her smile shattered as she let out a cry of anguish. She fell to her knees before the door, sobs wracking her body.

Then the door opened, and in he stepped. With only a glimpse of her distraught form, he knelt beside her, lifting her face. He wiped the tears from her cheeks. His smile gave her the light of the sun, and his eyes gave her the stars.

He helped her stand, never taking his gaze from her face. She lifted her hand, offering it to him.

He took it, lacing their fingers together. With a glance out the door, he pushed it closed, turning the lock. This was the end.

And Death led Life into her home.
Connor Sassmannshausen is an Australian based American author who also enjoys the art of filmmaking and cross-stitching. If it were possible she would have a pet dragon. She spends her time writing, watching movies, and reading.
Twitter: @Sass_Connor

Cover: Amanda Bergloff @AmandaBergloff


Shobana Gomes said...

Enjoyed reading this story, quite magical.

Unknown said...

Great Story Connor!! Keep on writing!

Unknown said...

This is beautiful