January 10, 2019

FAIRY TALE FLASH - Weaver by Archie Leung

She gathers some of the moonlight and cold rain...
The jasmine petals fall when the Full Moon shines over a cold drizzle. I pick up the petals, and the flower’s fragrance too, and pull into my hands some of the moonlight and cold rain. All to my loom.

“The Weaver has lost it.” my tribespeople speak behind my back.

My hand dances on my device.

“She still thinks of the mortal, even though she was abandoned.” The elders conclude.

What they don’t know is, clouds of seven colors have sprung from my machine.

I lay layers and layers of the clouds over a little house, until it rains petals and moonlight and perfumed dew.

Down there a mother draws a child to her embrace. “See, your great-great-great-grandmother is blessing us again,” she says.
Archie Leung was born in Hong Kong. He has a great affection for fortune-telling and fairy tales alike. 

Cover: Amanda Bergloff

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