December 2, 2018

OF FROST AND FIRELIGHT: A Winter's Rhapsody - December 2018 Issue - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation
presents the
December 2018 Issue
A Winter's Rhapsody

By the glow of a fire, humans have gathered through the ages to share stories. When the long nights of winter set in, tales told by firelight let our imagination wander through the lyrical rhapsody of past fairy tales, legends, folktales, and myths.

In this issue, ten authors create stories set in the season of winter, where magic and frost mingle in the eternal dance of our human experience.

How do you melt a heart of ice?
What if all beauty disappears from the realm when you sleep?
Can revenge cause the frost to never touch you again?
Will fashion replace the blood duels of yore?
Who can stop Winter's heartbreak from holding back the other seasons?
Is reality the illusion you choose?

Plus more tales to share by the glow of the "virtual fire" of this magazine...

She will try to survive and
melt a heart of ice...
Rachael Lucas

Beauty never rests in this world...
Michael Mitchell, Jr.

A cloak of white Little Red now dons.
Beware the night...
Katherine Brown

Support human-fey relations
at this glamour-only event...
Laura Gregory

The white rain fell with a vengeance,
and the curse burned...
Kelly Komm

No man has visited in one hundred years,
and even then, he was invited...
Joshua Ian

The house had no roots. 
Forest touched it and felt its magic...
Carol Scheina

The bone white cat watched him.
"Well done, Godson..."
Trace Kerr

Dancing on the snow
leaves no footprints for reality to follow...
Amanda Bergloff

"With the winter lineage in your blood,
you don't understand who you are yet..."
Loie Dunn

to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.

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