October 5, 2018

UNDER THE HUNTER'S MOON - October 2018 Issue - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation Magazine
presents the
October 2018 Issue:
The Hunter's Moon is the name of the full moon that takes place in October, and we have a super-sized issue of 13 spooky and spellbinding original tales, with a bonus illustrated tale, to celebrate the month of the Hunter's Moon and All Hallow's Eve.

In this issue, our authors take us on a tour where fairy tales, legends, folktales, and myths meet at the midnight crossroads of the strange and bizarre.

Can a mythic creature exist if you don't believe in it?

What exactly is in a wishing well that grants the wishes?
Should you buy anything from a Midnight Market?
Who can help Cinderella when her usual fairy godmother can't?
How do you stop things from the Underworld from ravaging the harvest on Samhain?
When the dead want to tell their tales, who listens?
Plus more tales to enjoy throughout this month where enchantment lingers in the crisp night air...
I didn't tell him that I stopped believing
in Uktena when I was 12. I held my father's
hand and promised to do the impossible...
Sam Lauren

She looked over the edge of the
cracked, old wishing well.
It certainly didn't look magical...
Sonni de Soto

Every Samhain, the daughters of Airitech
would slip into their wolfskins and
ascend to the surface-world...
I. E. Kneverday

If the body fits, wear it well.
We're like two yolks in a raven's egg...
Julia Stilchen

Tonight, we're in the Gaslight District of a city
somewhere in America. Not my favorite stop
on the Midnight Market's perpetual tour...
Michael M. Jones

The family man wanted a silver sword,
not for fighting, but for killing...
Rickey Rivers Jr.

What will you give
to get what you want?
Allison Bannister - Tom O'Brien

The lady laughed, and her hair spread
about the room like a spider's web...
Ellen Huang

"Don't mothers teach their children to
avoid the nights of the Hunt anymore?"
Charlotte Platt

She walks down from her hidden citadel
to where the corpses call to her,
the dead who want to tell their tales...
Gabrielle S. Awe

The girls were still at the window, pale faces
fixed on the Duke of Albion.
"What's wrong?" Fran asked breathlessly...
Rebecca Katz

The maze is always larger
than the children anticipate,
And that's part of the trick...
G. D. Watry

I began to find ways to twist the pain
into magic, to suffer and writhe
and build the power inside me...
Gerri Leen

They draped sheets with holes cut away from
their eyes and dangled chains from
their wrists. "They'll never know it's us..."
Jason A. Zwiker

to the written works in this issue belong to the individual authors.


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